Thursday, June 26, 2008

attitude, big time!!

I was browsing at Landmark yesterday, picking up books. A guy walked out of the entrance. The guard standing there, stopped him saying that exit was at the next floor. He put his hand to block the latter's path. Our guy almost yells at the guard that he's not running away with the store's merchandise, that he'll .

The guard allows the irate man to walk away, staring at him. Our guy returns and again shouts at the guard, for glaring(?) at him. The guard appeared hapless. Another person from the store was called by the guy to teach the guard some mannerisms.

The guy looked more then fifty, and must have been rich. But, that doesn't mean that he treat a guard in this manner. It looked that he was insulted because some low guard stopped him. Rules are rules, and should be followed by everybody. I felt like giving the guy a peace of my mind.

How insolent can people get! Pathetic. I was sorry for the guard. Perhaps, these scenes were not new for him. On the other hand, the rich guy needs two shots. One for good mannerisms, and the second for humility.

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Kadalabal said...

lot of people have got this habit of giving scant respect for people who are doing lower jobs. poor security guard was helpless . first point you are violating the rule and you want to shout it is simply audacity and the he must be thinking he is rich he can do whatever he wants. it is very very unfair. he must have done this to army jawan in some place and the whole lot of jawans would have given him his pie.
it is great you have observed such small things with so much care and reported even if you have gone and interfered guy would have shouted at you also but it would have been a moral support for the security guy. alas why we don't to follow rules. it is a pity