Thursday, June 19, 2008

every other person is in 'feeling'

Yes. I'm still irritated by yesterday's movie.

Of late, if you've noticed the word 'feel'(and it's various forms) is used ample number of times in today's cinema.

The heroine does not recognize our hero, and he is in 'feeling'. A mother loses her hero, she 'feels' pathetic. Somebody is orphaned, somebody dies, somebody cries, somebody does not eat, somebody does not sleep, somebody starves, somebody sleepwalks, somebody slams himself against the wall, somebody jumps into a well.... the cliche here is, they are into 'feeling'.

Why is this particular word used in such abundance? Don't we have any other word in our vocabulary which indicates the same?

Is it a fundo word, made popular by some stupid person, in some flimsy movie? And the rest of the country apes it.

It irks me, to hear this word, every other second. Really. And the context in which this word is utilised is, simply very poor, to say the least.

The talkies 'feel'! Depressing!

Is anybody listening?

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The 'Ekaangi' said...

i get and totally agree with what you feel. Your feeling is pretty much the same as mine. I'm sure the rest of the sane community feel that way too