Wednesday, June 11, 2008

no Pure Science, please!

I know a couple of P.U.C people. A boisterous, mischievous lot( A little less on the boisterous side though, when compared to me!!)

Each one of them wants to be a doctor or an engineer. More opt for the former than the latter, as medicine comprises long years of study. Like they cannot afford any other stream.

I suggested them to think of some other subject. Not to limit themselves to a particular thing. On the other hand, it's pretty fine to be specific. But, they refused even to think about anything apart from these two lines.

I was disappointed. I fancy my subject. The fact that i understand it, and like it made me opt for it. I can't think of myself sitting on a chair, working out a nine-to-six(/nine) job. Me being an engineer, is something not digestible.

What will happen to Pure Sciences if this opinion is mirrored by every science student. Dr. Kalam, Dr. C. N. R. Rao , they all seem anxious about it.

It's depressing to see very few turning in this direction. To see a countable number in a class of biology or chemistry.

I'm glad i've taken Biochemistry. Really!


chethan said...

Most of them don't have clarity or maturity to take decisions. Even if they do choose otherwise, its an upstream task facing opposition from everyone. The role of parents here takes a major role. They are responsible.

mouna said...

clarity or maturity, i don't know. everybody seems on this one though, that they want to be an engineer, in a few years. aprents too are bent upon this.

speaking about opposition. i had to face it, when i told my folks that i'd opt for B.Sc.

Kadalabal said...

what you have written is true it is sad everyone think of only this and I am happy there are students like you
one lakshmi bharadwaj who is youngest blogger I have seen (she completed her ii puc and left for US for continuing her studies in basic sciences more details in her blog