Monday, June 09, 2008

patches of sun

The road looked wonderful. With scattered shadows of leaves and boughs from the trees which lined the avenue. It looked pretty. Dark patches amidst the steel-gray of tarred roads.

At times, one could spot beams of sunlight piercing through the green foliage. It created areas of sudden brightness, where the ground appeared lit. A dash of life amidst the dark jungle.

During the time when cameras were fought for, somebody spotted a bison. It's strength and sheer mass was visible from afar. Cameras clicked. Excited voices could be heard. With shushing in the background. Something to restore the quietness of the surroundings.

The pair of eyes lingered on that sun-lit stretch. And it remained etched in memory. When tree-lined roads were shown, those irregular forms that fell on those vehicles which regularly passes underneath them looked amazing.

I'm reminded of our safari at Nagarahole, as i write this. We visited the sanctuary about five-six years ago.

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