Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mussanje maatu-bah!!

It's been quite some time since i complained about Indian cinema. I guess, it's time for me to do it again. I've hardly seen any new movies, recently. But, yes. I did watch some not-so-old ones.

Today, i saw Mussanje Maathu.

Perhaps, the various reviews that i received made me go to the theatre to catch this up. And my folks wanted us to go. So i had to.

It's boring, to say the least. I was squirming in my seat throughout the length of the movie. The story, i bet is repeated a hundred times over. Except that we have some bright colours here and there.

Sudeep overacts. Big time. He reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan. The latter's style, his expressions, body language, everything is overdone. Mr. Sudeep, can you please cut down on these aspects, please.

The songs are forgettable. In fact each scene is. I could never find one memorable instance worth the ticket.

At times, i see this show on CNN-IBN, that features, opinions on the week's movies. The host, there, slams a 'bad' movie. Reasonable enough. We'd obviously praise a good film, wouldn't we? Why can't we have a similar show on one of the Kannada channels, which analyses films in a pretty accurate manner. Somebody should declare a movie 'stupid', if it is. But, every movie is praised by some channel.

Nothing is exciting about Mussanje Maatu. You can as well watch repeated telecasts of Full House. Or, simply, look out of the window. The night sky is wonderful, decked up with the moon and stars.


Shashikiran said...

My wife and I went to watch it in Hassan—we were taken in by the superb posters. We were as bored as you were, and left early.

The entire row behind us was taken by a gang of hooligans who spoke loudly into their cell phones. When the hero beat up the bad guys and preached to them, none of the hooligans behind us were impressed. They booed at the hero. I've never seen that!

And the guys next to us were stiff drunk, but wouldn't speak a word—they sat like stone and just stank.

So the movie was memorable in some ways for us!

Thanks for an honest critique. Reading your last paragraph was fun.

mouna said...

this is just an understatement of what i felt during this movie!
whatta movie!!

Srik said...

I expected something similar when I heard the songs of this movie, very moderate lyrical exposure of those songs made me keep away from them.

Well... thanks for the review, I saved my time and energy.