Monday, June 16, 2008

habits change

During exams , i tend to reread novels. At the same time, i'll be keen to lay my hands on new ones. To support my eagerness, i'd have some books within reach.

About a few years back, i could start reading any novel right after my exams. Any kind, if i can say that. Now, i think, i can read only light material. Not something that has me getting into the crux of it. And i tend to stop midway, and pick another. This is a habit that i've picked up recently. Perhaps, my selection is not alright. Different from what i used to read previously.

As i said before, i wouldn't prefer any solid stuff. In fact, i do not automatically seek a book(which i always did, initially). Maybe, i need a break after reading my course material. Thus, i tend to do anything other than reading.

Habits change, yes.

At times, i miss reading. It's not that i'm doing worthless things during that time. It's just i don't read for hours together. That was me, about 2-3 years ago. I used to go into the back, so phone calls were unattended, folks at home had to push me into the bathroom, into the kitchen for lunch(at times), ask me to sleep when it was late night.

Now, i'm trying a variety of things, including painting. Well, that takes time. But, i do adore those long, uninterrupted periods of happy reading.

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Kadalabal said...

habits change or not is not the question change is in yout attitude now u have realised so many things that shows maturity earlier you said you have to be pushed for everthing from lucngh to bath to sleep. now u hv realised and u r taking care
habits die hard but attitude towards the life changes and brings lot of change in life. good one all the bes