Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my ways

I've changed to some extent, say those people who've seen from a long time.

Perhaps, i agree with this, to some extent.

Doing things myself, taking responsibilities; i've dreamed about it when i was in my graduate studies. I've always wanted to do things my way. All along, i thought that my way is different from others' ways. Only to realize that it is shared by those known and unknown to me!

Folks at home say, i've lost the naughtiness in me. And have grown more 'serious' in the past few months. People ask me why, waiting to hear an answer from me.

What do i say?! Or rather, what am i expected to say?

Yes, dear, you are true.

Perhaps, i'm able to notice a few differences in myself, but not all. I don't, really, know how to reply to this. Frankly speaking, i'm least bothered. I don't have to wonder about it, when people, close to me, show the same affection and love.

At the same time, i guess, i'm fine by it. By doing things, by myself, as i said before, i'm learning.
Dare i say this, i'm enjoying the learning. Though it was initially accompanied by tears and grumbling.

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Kadalabal said...

This is the advantage of moving out you will do lot of things on your own as there is no choice definitely you will be more matured by the time you come out. initially you feel singled out as days go u will realise the importance of being on your own and also understand the realities of life. it is nice way you have put it. have a wonderful time and come back with more vigour confidence and u will certainly be a different person