Sunday, May 04, 2008

he owns that

From the past few days, i've missed blogging. I usually long for it, but, the recent past has seen me really hoping for it.

DLF IPL; this is something that i really don't understand. Call me a muddle-head if you want. As far as i know, we have about eight teams warring(the promos indicated this, didn't they) against each other. There is this tune which has someone talking about war and how bloody the fight will be. Moreover, we have 'Owners' of each team. Vijay Mallya is the owner of the Bengaluru Challengers, Shah Rukh Khan, the sole proprietor of the Kolkotha team. A bid was held in order to draw in maximum amount of money from the rich and wealthy. It's stupid. Somebody 'owned ' by another person. It's ridiculous, to say the least.

Millions of money spent for a cricket tournament. Like we have nothing else to do. Notes of money down the drain. Couldn't those guys come up with something innovative. Something to improve conditions in the country.

I know i shouldn't be complaining. Afterall it's their money(hard-earned or so), they get to spend(=squander) it in ways they fancy. But, it pinches me when mother lessens the usage of edible oil at home, when inflation is at an all time high. When farmers take the extreme step under drought conditions.

At another end, money is thrown into the air.

Who is to be damned?


Prasanna L.M said...

Hi, I dont think the owners of the IPL teams are wasting their money. This is just part of their business. They will get good returns on their investment. So, they are making more money & so as the media. Only the normal people who are wasting their time & money for IPL will become more poorer.

Ms.Hegde said...

I think you have all the rights to complain...Like u, even i called it a ridiculous idea when it started.

mouna said...

i still don't like it.

ms. hegde,
i still complain, every time my father switches to that channel. whay did it have to happen at all!! :(

Srik said...

Hmmm Sounds like a Granny!