Wednesday, May 14, 2008

smells that cool down a hot day

Water condensed on the outer surface of the glass tumbler. It contained hot tea. It was too hot to drink, she decided. Giving more time for it to attain that amount of hotness. So that it was just right for her to drink. And obtain pleasure from it.

Sometimes, she forgot that a cup of the steaming beverage was placed before. After being reminded repeatedly, she drank lukewarm tea. The individual tastes of sweetness of sugar and the sourness of tea leaves could be felt. These flavours were overcome by the high temperature of freshly-brewed tea.

Deciding that the tea was just about right for her to sip, she lifted the cup. Drink, she did, taking in small amounts each time. She swirled the quantity of tea within the limits of closed lips. The sweetness hung in her breath after she finished her quota of tea. She licked her lips, trying to get the syruppy sweetness from her wet lips. In vain.

Stepping into the kitchen, she filled a tumbler of water. The first gulp of water down her throat carried the sourness of tea along with the the sweetness of sugar. Making sure that the lips were free from tiny crystals of sugar that had accumulated, she wiped them with satisfaction.

She carried the jug of water into the space termed as her room.

Suddenly, drinking water was such a nice thing to do. The fluid(it would be warm most times) felt nice, wetting a parched throat. As she poured it down her throat, she spilled some of it on her shirt. Despite, the mark created by those drops of water, she felt relieved. The touch of coolness against the hot flesh, was welcome.

The fan in the room vigorously. As if something dangerous was chasing it. The stale air circulated in the room, till the windows were thrown wide open. The air that rushed in, brought in fragrance of leaves, that of water that plunged down two stories from a flooded water tank, and the loose sand, which got drenched in the process.

The earthy smell, that which is possessed by the heavenly to clear a headache, to calm tensed nerves, constricted muscles. To banish all humidity into nothingness.

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Kadalabal said...

amazing simply superb the way you have put it shows the talent of expression and convert that into writing. everyone one feels it but only few can pen it down and you r one of them.
sip of water nothing can replace the joy of drinking water that is why the first thing our earlier generations offered was water both to wash first and then to drink when any guest was in.