Monday, April 14, 2008

happy times

The last 2 weeks have whizzed by me. M visited us after two long years. And her visit ended before a blink of the eye.

God knows how time went by. I had taken a few days off. Most part of the past fortnight was spent in Bengaluru, doing the things i liked. Shopping at Commercial Street, eating chats(i prepared something really nice and yummy!), spending time at home with M, father and mother, talking in loud tones...

I had a hard time convincing everybody that i had become quiet. I stopped. Who cares! When the entire family met after quite some time. It needed loud yells, laughter, quarrels, fights, smiles, tears...... to celebrate the occasion. As one can obviously guess, i provided the noise.

It was wonderful, that one week that i spent in her company. My parents forgot how days passed. Everyday was a Sunday, according to my father!

Now, i've to rush back to my earlier schedule at Mysore. Those long-distance phone calls begin, once again.


Kadalabal said...

guess M is your sis. if i am right then meeting sibling after a long gap for u and offspring for your parents must be real thrill. As your dad said as long all of u were together everyday was a sunday as all are together.
anyhow happy u enjoyed a full week and back to your campus for continuing your journey and certianly your home sickness must have come down after almost nearing a year
all the best to you

Ms.Hegde said...

redaing something like this brings back the memories of my homecoming after staying at hostel for so many days...

Srik said...

oh! Gosh! I now know why M doesnt visit you often...!

Or else she is feasted with the yummmyyyyy chats!! ;)

VENU VINOD said...

celebration of a family gettogether is always fun. it seems you really had spent some precious moments:)