Wednesday, March 05, 2008


When i was at MCC, during the last year of my B.Sc., i always used to spend Saturday evenings outside home. At times, Sundays too.

Saturday evenings saw me roaming along D. V. G. Road, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road. It was a routine. I would come home at about 6 in the evening, after having snacked at Chalukya. Father could be seen waiting for me. He could hear me grumble on the phone if he was not to be seen around.

We would go to Brahmins' Coffee Bar, near Shankar Mattha, or Roti Ghar. After having consumed some idlies, i used to wait for a hot cup of tea. Both places serve excellent tea. For a change, we used to buy badam milk from Roti Ghar.

After having filled our bellies, we would amble. Stopping here and there to observe various things. Colourful flowers with their fragrances pleasing the senses, vegetables at Greens and Grains, the tid-bits at grandhige angaDis', browsing through books at Ankitha Pustaka, staring at bright trinkets sold on the footpaths, looking for a particular author at a cart selling second-hand novels, sighting a new shop......

A visit to Gandhi Bazaar always had us returning home with something in our hands. Be it a pack of rava koDubaLes at Iyengar's Bakery, or vegetables, sanDiges' from Subbamma Stores, a novel, or anything that catches my fancy. During the entire tme, father and i would discuss everything under the sun, from activities at college, to Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar's efforts in minting money.

coming home, mother would get a detailed account. Often, i would spend the night on the couch watching a late-night movie. Anyways, Sundays are meant for laziness and waking up late in the morning.


CP said...

i especially love GB on sunday mornings. plus if it had rained the previous night!

btw, would be great if you could allow full post feeds.

mouna said...

i really don't understand anything about feeds. let's see...

Kadalabal said...

lucky are those who stay in and around basavanagudi yella ide alli
vidyarthi bhavan, brahmins coffee club subbammana angadi etc. etc.,
hotte ooristira nivu namage
nice one and bayalli niru barutte odta iddre

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
me too. i was slurping when i wrote this one :D

Arun said...

Shankarapura's BCB has been one my hangouts for a real long time. The visits are now less frequent but still manage it once in a while.. :)

mouna said...

me too, the visits have become rare.

Srik said...

Ah! You lucky gal!

Gandhibazar has always caught my fantasy, from day 1 I entered Bangalore, till date!

DVG Road and GB are the places where I meet most of my friends, any day. Having been a student of NCB, and not praising Basavanagudi, how is it possible?! To add to it, I lived in NR Colony for a few years as well! My love story with GB area continues for eternity :-)

Thanks for a lovely post. Wonderful!