Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Every time i try to seek happiness and peace, home is the first thing that comes to my mind. Obviously. It is the same for everybody, isn't it?

I run to Bengaluru whenever i get an opportunity. I find it difficult to pass time on holidays. I tend to think about home on these days, which leaves me disturbed. For a short period of time, if not the entire day.

I know, i'm not being strong-minded, brave and all that. I think i should try being all that. I wonder, how my friends manage when they do not visit their home-towns for more than fifteen days. I cannot do that.

Should i really be bothered by it, me ; a weakling? Does this really show me in poor light, lacking in courage and strength? Am i wasting time?

Or is it okay to be so?


The 'Ekaangi' said...


You think U R a weakling?

U know what i think ... it takes courage to even take a decision, to stay far away frm home, live with strangers ... and the only ppl U know are the friends U make...

There are lots of 'em i know of, who dont even have the nerve to think about stayin away frm home!

U have already grown beyond this ... its just adaptation tht's required! I myself hv nvr stayed away like tht ... but i've seen my friends who spoke just like U ... ended up crying when they completed their course, jus coz they had to leave hostel! U'L do that too...

Kadalabal said...

it happens to everyone only degree varies and in your case it is first time going away so naturally your homesickness will be more as time moves it will come down. being near is one thing that makes to run up and down because of convinience both time and money. if you are far off it is not possible at all you will automatically tuned to that atmoshphere.
even when daughters are married at sent this will happen and it difficult for aides agains if they are in same place frequency in meeting parents and siblings is easy if you are away it is difficult and if you are flying abraod it is much more difficult.
so you have to start practising and get mentally prepared for parting
small hickups like one you have mentioned dont worry reduce your visits from weekly to bi weekly and slowly to monthy once so it will be ok dont ever think you have become weak by staying away u will become strong in the long run. all the best

neel3 said...

To be attached to one's parents is a sign of strength...That is our fount of existence.
long years ago, when I was in the hostel at mysooru, my mom was operated in bengalooru. I dashed down to see her. My local guardian had to give a note to the warden that I had 'stayed' with her.
She grumbled that I was too impulsive to run to see my mom.
The very suggestion that one needs to become 'strong' enough to cut away parental bonds makes me sad.