Thursday, March 06, 2008

on B's birthday...

I so wanted to see B. I guess, it has been a month since i saw her last.

Thankfully, i got to talk to her this time.

Three years ago, and i never could have imagined that i'd become attached to her. At all. Her mother R is a cousin of mine, and was is close to M. Who knew that, come time, i would wish to see her grow, learn new things every minute.

I wonder, laugh, whenever i hear a brand-new word emitted from her. When she scribbles on paper with pastels, when we play catch on the terrace, when i read to her, when she requests me to seat her on my lap, pulling an all-winning smile at the same time.

She is a mischievous kid, and i'm sure, we all loved her acts. I should be grateful to her, as she installed the much-needed patience in me.

Hope the all-overcoming grin lights her path for all time to come. And her gushing laughter provide her all the energy that is required.



Kadalabal said...

god bless the child it is true when you get attached to any kid it really a great thing and you enjoy the period spent with them let your B be a big B and have all that is good for her in life and cherish the life. all the best you too


mouna said...

pranesh sir,
thank your sir, have a great sunday! :)

Srik said...

God bless her, and a belated Happy birthday to her.

And now...Aunty, please convey my wishes to the charming barbie girl.