Sunday, March 02, 2008

sultry environs

Mysuru is hot these days. Summer is beginning to set in(or it already has?). The environment is so dry and pale. It looks sultry at the department. There is absolutely no shade of fresh green anywhere. Any sight of something pleasant and cool is absolutely welcome. Moreover, the dust cloud, raised from the movement of vehicles, settles on leaves. Making it assume a pale colour.

In addition to this, we have theory classes in the afternoon. We groan and grumble against it, to no extent. The professors join us too. In vain. They are helpless. Having to keep my eyes open during the afternoon session requires a lot of effort. Any amount of water does not help me.

I automatically take the to road to my Department without my knowledge. I simply ride along those roads. I might sound silly, but this indicates that i've aclimatized. I whoop in joy when i discover that i remember some well-known roads and places. I know, i'm still in the process of learning. But, i'm glad.

This week was quite bad. I had quite a bad fall. The wounds still haven't healed, but the pain had considerably reduced. Before that could end, a dratted cold caught me. My left hand was unmovable(?) for three-four days.

I started to say this, it requires a lot to stay apart from your loved ones, especially in trying situations. Shams, i'm sorry i said that it's a wonder to stay in a different city.


Shiv said...


How r u doing? Hope u r doing well now..

Do take care

sunaath said...

Well, I too have undergone this tedious routine of attending classes etc. I sympathise with you.
So, be brave and cool. The fruits of patience are sweet.

Kadalabal said...

so true it is very difficult to stay away from loved ones. but it is also true that staying away gives you strength to face difficult situations and your love towards loved gets enhanced as you feel their absence and importance have nice time and I am sure you are back to normal and wish you get better soon from your wounds as well as your feelings have
wonderful time and time flies and in no time you are back with beloved

CP said...

Atleast manasa gangotri is quiet - not all the senses are tortured.

mouna said...

i'm better. thanks!

u should have also mentioned 'awake'. i need that word ingrained in my mind.

pranesh sir,
i'm on my way to recovery! :)

quite. eve-teasing scores high!! bah!!