Sunday, February 24, 2008


Why are Sundays boring?

The cable network always decide to air dumb movies on this day. Reality shows can be viewed at any time of the day. Almost on all channels. Half the time spent in front of the tv is spent in flicking channels. Staring from 1 till upto whatever number the last channel carries.

At times, i feel like calling somebody and pull that person into my house. And start chit-chatting with her/him. I had planned a great deal in this regard with my father. A few years ago. Poor me, imagination ends in thin air.

Even the radio-stations played the same song repeatedly. One can get quite tired of it.

As the day draws to a close, i'm often left feeling not-so-easy. I could have spent my Sunday doing something nice and worthwhile. And wait for the week to proceed. I'm so sure that the next Sunday will also go in the same fashion.

Somebody can help me with this, i'm sure.

Wishful thinking!! Big time.


Arun said...

You answered you question yourself in the post. Instead of doing something, you wait for something to happen, which usually doesnt happen. So goes.. :)

The 'Ekaangi' said...

i spend the entire sunday grumbling tht its the only day i get to do wht i want ... the only holiday i get in an entire week ... and how time is flying off ... until its night and i gotta sleep so tht i can atleast try to get to office in time the next day. Happens every Sunday

Ms.Hegde said...

That's the only day i think will do something fruitful but everything geos off badly as end up waking up too late....

Kadalabal said...

wait for sunday from monday to saturday and you dont know that to when sunday comes so many plans nothing if clear and by the time u decide on something it is end of sunday. only thing if u r tied up with some function sunday goes off and u return tired thats all

Srik said...

Try this out :
1. Chart out what you need to do this Sunday, and write them on a piece of paper. (like cut the vegetables, read the Sunday Supplement, call up X, sleep in the afternoon, a walk on the roads of Lalbagh, a ride around ulsoor lake, meet Y, help mom in kitchen, join music class, play chess with father, play cricket with neighbourhood children, visit Ganesha temple, blog on issue XYZ, etc...huh!!)

2. divide the jobs into 'to-be-done-in-morning', '....afternoon' etc... and keep it in ur pocket all the time on Sunday.

3. Open it once u wake up, to find that ur first plan is a flop show :D

4. Manage to atleast try to do some of them during the cource of the day, and u will end up spending a satisfactory Sunday :-)

Srik said...


TV is a big bore and a big waste of time!! At my house, last year remote stopped working, and the new remote also doesnt work. Think there is something wrong with the detector in the Tv itself. Since then, like blessing in disguise, TV is the last thing on my Sunday list :-), unless its a cricket match, of cource, when we dont need to flip the channels.

Anonymous said...

to me sunday is one day where I get to do nothing, just doing nothing , no where to go, lazing around , feels good from a hectic week. I thought that's why sunday exists in first place - for doing nothing!

mouna said...

that is a very bad anti-climax!!

and u are busy even on sundays!

ms. hegde,
count me in. it sets one off.

pranesh sir,
very true, every function has to be held on a sunday. hechchu jana barbeku antha.

tv can prove to be useful sometimes. i've watched some amazing movies on tv on sundays.

ha ha ha. so true. but what to do, i get bored from doing nothing. though i agree that it is a reliever!

Shiv said...

If nothing works, there is something called 'book' ,which usually work in these conditions :)

mouna said...

true. aadre at times, one is tired from reading subject-related material, bere novels oddake, bejaaru agutte.

Ocean Winds said...

v simple pa..sleep till noon..hog in the nearest restau...take a 3 DVDs(so tht u end up watchin 1)..thn the dayz over..sunday vanishes v quickly for me :(