Sunday, February 24, 2008

calls; beckoning me...

I can presently hear some bird chirping. It stops for a second or two and then continues. After all, it is spring, isn't it?

There are a couple of trees behind my house. If people do recognize BEML Soudha on 4th Main Road, Sampangiram Nagar. The posterior portion of my house borders it's compound.

It's beautiful at times, we have a chorus of cheeps. Two-three varied kinds of shrill notes pulling me into reality as i open my eyes on a lazy Sunday morning. A slow resounding hoot, one note following another after a very short span of time; another, emits crisp notes in succession; a third with a 'koo..' at an optimum pitch; a fourth which goes 'kee... kee' the frequency of which is maintained very well. When the concert softens, my ears instantly search for a vague cheep. A low voice calling from quite a distance, or is it my ear playing tricks on me!

When i think about it, i'm surprised. I'm talking Bengaluru with all the smoke, haze, concrete, traffic.... And still i'm fortunate to hear loud tweets, one often contending with another in luring me....

At nights, we get to hear the sonorous hum of crickets. Beginning at about eleven in the night. The constant tone proceeds even when the sun is high up in the sky. Unless a harsh sound mars it's melody. It's beautiful to listen to them, when i've an assignment to complete, and i spend hours into the night. Some other creature keeps me company.

The feeling is heavenly!!


Anonymous said...

So, which song did you hear today? :)

mouna said...

i heard all of it, except those crickets. i had grown to like them!!

The 'Ekaangi' said...

i remember whn i used to study Zoology upstairs ... evenings ... there used to be these huge flocks of swan-like birds ... amounting to more than thousands ... all flying in a particular direction ... they were migrating ... and the thought of them coming frm and going to such distant places seemed so enthralling. Now U know how much Zoology i studied !!

Kadalabal said...

The feeling is heavenly!!
this sentence at the end speaks
real good feeling

Srik said...

Very nice :-)

Mouna at her usual best. It had been a while since we read some heavenly commentary like this, here.

mouna said...

yaa. zoo can be very interesting at times.

pranesh sir,
so true :)

i bow to thee. thanks
frankly, i missed it too ;)