Monday, February 11, 2008

one overwhelming personality

This year also went by without the awarding the Bharat Ratna. It's all a sham. We've had each political party suggest their top brass members for this prestigious award. Vajpayee at one end, Singh at another. Even Mulayam Singh Yadav was on the list. Thank heavens it didn't result in a tug-of-war(as we had quite a few loose ends with different groups pulling).

How shoddy!!

The person who, i think, deserved this prize is Baba Amte. I'd read much about him. His tireless work in Maharashtra, in the upliftment of leprosy patients, of the tribals...

It is a shame that his service to the society has gone unnoticed(deliberately). The Bharat Ratna could have been very-well awarded to him. We've lost one great man, and an opportunity to honour service in it's true form, when it was alive.

The politicians will now scramble, with 'We said so..........' statements reducing Baba Amte's labour to peanuts. Perhaps, he could be still awarded posthumously.

That is trying to grow flowers in barren soil. When we failed to grow the same when the soil yielded.


Kadalabal said...

very right choice is superb
baba amte is no more to receive the ratna but he deserves it.

Shiv said...

Hi Mouna,

I'm relieved that the award didn't go to any of those idiots. Definitely Amte deserved the award.

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
very true!! if only he was given a chance..

it's so ironical. why is everything a sham? :(