Saturday, January 26, 2008

a new outlook; almost everytime

I've been visiting the Cantonment area since a long time. Bengalooru has a Cantonment area which spanned a large region. Amongst, everything else, i'm familiar with Richmond Road, M.G.Road and the surrounding places. It's not far from home. Moreover i've schooled at Richmond Road for many years, as well.

The entire cantonment has quite changed in the recent past. If i'm dropped at Richmond Road, i simply can't recognize a single building apart from my school. I've realised this. Everytime i visit that particular road, something or the other has changed.

Commercial Street, i assume, follows the same rule. A new showroom appears to have cropped from nowhere. An old one is replaced by a new outlet. It's absurd. Why do they keep changing? If yes, this frequently, why?

In my childhood, i presumed that Commercial Street was so long, that i can't window-shop the entire stretch. Now, i finish the whole process within an hour or so. The world tends to becoe smaller, indeed. I wonder, in astonishment, whether it is the same lane that i used to adore or not.

Bengalooru has varied a lot, in the last five years or so. Beyond my grasp.

I miss, those jazzy lights, that beckon you to a magic world on M.G.Road and Commercial Street. And the headlights which zoom by you, while waiting to cross the road. Those trailing yellow and red lights, that connect each other when captured on a photograph. The high, powerful street lights, shedding dim white light around. A multitude of people waiting for the traffic signal to turn red. Those perfect shades of red, amber and green, mounted on a pillar, guiding vehicles. Especially, after dark.


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Kadalabal said...

your observations are really true. It is very difficult for me to imagine today the MG Road, Richmond Road,Brigade Road, Commercial Street,
or KG Road (Majestic) as compared to my first few visits to these places way back. entire outlook is changed and today MG Road will loose its beauty on one side times have to change and needs of metro/mono are to be met. city is marching leaps and bounds and infrastructure is no where near what is expected to be.
namma bengalloru kaledu hoguttidde antha anisutte
anisuthede yako indu yellige hotiruvenu navu indu bendakalurininda bengaluru
niranthara payana brahut belavanige
uhegu nilukada yettarakke beledide
namma bengalooru.
garden city to..........terrorist city beda i terrorist namaphalaka namage bengaloorigaru yavagalu shanti priyaru
sada shanti nemmadi illi nelesirali yendu aashisuttene

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
sad but true :(