Monday, January 28, 2008

There are times when we tend to think about others, in pretty much the same way as we do. Thus, if i'm a hard-core critic, a friend of mine has to be a critic as well. My guess.

It takes some amount of effort to come out of this mindset. I'd, rather, not think like this. It's something not pleasant. Nor fancy enough.

I've begun to like broad-mindedness. It's nice to be so. We are able to understand our varying environment, much better this way. Than to conform ourselves to some non-rational ideas. This also helps us enjoy every moment. Imagine, if we, time and again, brood on something that is not to our liking, we miss out on the fun that other's are taking part in.

On the other hand, i guess, that this sort of brooding enhances in us clearing knots. Yes, but, i do mean, musing over it. All the time. At the same time, we ought to halt it, in definate terms.


Kadalabal said...

your observations are really true. It is very difficult for me to imagine today the MG Road, Richmond Road,Brigade Road, Commercial Street,
or KG Road (Majestic) as compared to my first few visits to these places way back. entire outlook is changed and today MG Road will loose its beauty on one side times have to change and needs of metro/mono are to be met. city is marching leaps and bounds and infrastructure is no where near what is expected to be.
namma bengalloru kaledu hoguttidde antha anisutte
anisuthede yako indu yellige hotiruvenu navu indu bendakalurininda bengaluru
niranthara payana brahut belavanige
uhegu nilukada yettarakke beledide
namma bengalooru.
garden city to..........terrorist city beda i terrorist namaphalaka namage bengaloorigaru yavagalu shanti priyaru
sada shanti nemmadi illi nelesirali yendu aashisuttene

Kadalabal said...

pl.delete the above comment as this pertains to earlier post I have posted their by mistake it has crept in here too. delete this and above.

Kadalabal said...

Always it may not be true. If two like minded friends/acquintances are
there it may hold to some extent otherwise each one has his own way to express. some are swalloers whatever is given some are radican and reactive to whateve said. some are very silent and hear full and make a point which may be worth taking seriously.
yes always you can brood while crop
cultivation they do weedout the kasa which comes along with crop otherwise all the food it will take and crop will loose what is needed for its potential growth.