Wednesday, December 26, 2007

food for discrimination

Somehow, i don't understand the logic of catogarising people as vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Food is food. It is something that is consumed, to keep ourselves fit and fine. Period.

I know i'm talking utopia, but isn't that the fundamental reason behind us taking in food?

We've developed different likes and dislikes concerning this habit of ours. Perhaps, somebody thought that vegetables would do her/him good than flesh. Thus, he opted to live on vegetables throughout his lifetime. His offspring could also have had a similar opinion. Thus, 'vegetarianism' began in a particular family, and was distributed in that society. It touched others' too, with the passage of time. At the same time, another person in another corner of the world, decided that roasted chicken tastes good.

It all depends on our personal likes and dislikes. The kinds of food available in that specific region also matters. Hence, the daily meal that we eat is the result of these 'factors'.

I am a non-vegetarian, by the kind of diet i eat. But, does it set me apart from the rest of the society? Does it place me in a different position in the societal ladder? Or am i not humane enough to help somebody else.

It should not. Atleast, i do not fancy the idea. Whatever came by humans, when they decided to segregate the general population into two sections- the plant eaters and the meat-eaters.

Coming to think of it, the latter biting into dead flesh is not disgusting. It cannot be termed as cruel too. To think of animals squeaming and squirling under the butcher's knife is really not a pleasant sight. Everybody would agree with that. But, the same is nature's play. That is simply how things proceed in nature. One living thing ingests another, a third feasts on the second.... the chain goes on. We are included in the cycle too.

On the other hand, even plants are living things. They live a precious 'life' as well. It's just that we don't see the splattering of red blood, everytime the roots of a plant is chopped. We cultivate them so that we can feed on them. Animals are reared, in the same manner. The purpose remains common.

Speaking healthwise; we do decide what is good and what is not good. I remember reading an essay(i forget the author). He says that, we should appreciate the fact that we have restricted ourselves in not munching on everything that catches our eyes. There would be complete havoc in such a situation. It can be gladdening that we have limitations, provided by our religion(our habits). It does make sense.

To distinguish another person and me on the basis of the diet that each of us consume, is silly. Wishful thinking, i know.

Nevertheless, this demarcation is very rigid and prominent. And, it ensures a lot of disregard for a second person. Is this required?

*sigh* *sigh*

ps: This is not to hurt the sentiments of anybody in particular. But, this irks me.


CP said...

Its one of those questions where there is no right or wrong - depends purely on individual perspective.

To me, eating meat as a matter of choice and not by family tradition/practice, not being ignorant, seems cruel.

Yes, 'food chain' has been the nature's way. But, don't you think, to be apart, to be aware, to think and being sensitive, is also equally natural, as we are also part of nature's evolution?

[again, no intentions to hurt anyones sentiments]

Kadalabal said...

very nice post and nice comments too.
it is matter of ones belief and the practices. why nonveg even some of the vegetables like onion garlic etc., not used by lot of people yes they have their own reasons for that as pavan kumar mentioned it. now a day everywhere right from airlnes to all restaurants talk of jain food
we should not go deep into these.
too much of technical issues and microorganisms etc., and just follow what is good for you
some NV people say meat and chicken have become costly because so many veggies by birth have started taking it may be true.
even here I saw bengalis eating fish almost everyday but here in our part as I know from friends they eat NV once a week mostly on sundays or on some special occassions the practices and habits differ from region to region and community to community
This was comment posted by me on a
same subject. see also link below for the post

mouna said...

to be aware, to be sensitive, is perfectly natural. we are, indeed part of nature's evolution. and we've to follow those same set of rules.

if killing a living thing is considered cruel, we don't stop ourselves from doing so. it is part of the big game. we've to do it in order to survive. we are dead otherwise.

pranesh sir,
thanks for the link . yes, it depend on personal likes and dislikes.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

but bottomline ... are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian ?
:-) (She'll kill me fr this)

mouna said...

forget killing, it's been some time since i've even spoken to you. u coming here, definately indicates that u feel better. spare some time for me sir.