Tuesday, December 25, 2007

spreading the cheer on Christmas...

Christmas always played a role till now. I've spent more than 15 years in missionary-led institutions. Right from my schooling to my undergradute studies. Hence, the influence.

As December approached us, in school, we would start singing Christmas carols. Those words play on my lips, even now. Jingle bells, jingle bells; Away in a manger; Silent night.... We were taught a few more in music classes, like, Frosty the snowman; Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.. amongst others.

It was fun to sing, being part of a long crowd. So much so that the sounds used to resound everywhere. Somebody from the teaching staff would dress as Santa Claus, and throw sweets into the air. The lucky ones got one, if not two. Of course, they was a scramble for those chocolates.

In addition to that, we had the two-week winter vacation.

At MCC, it did not matter much. I guess, i did attend the celebrations in the second year. It was not much exciting then. We were grown up, and you do know that Santa Claus is imaginary. But, the celebrations at school were more imaginative. I did make it a point to attend the celebrations at the ex-main-auditorium at MCC. We were guaranteed plum cakes from Nilgiris. Who would want to miss that. In my first year, two friends and i didn't even wander near the auditorium, by chance. When the progamme was over, i made sure we went inside to recieve packets of cakes. My friends passed their share to me, too. Thank god, they don't like plum cakes!

Every institution had a Fir tree decked up near the entrance. Decorated with bells, gifts, stars, glitter paper made from shiny paper of various colours. At the top of which was a big star, lit with electricity. There also would be a crib; a manger, with all the farm animals, Joseph and Mary beaming at Jesus Christ, a young baby. The three kings were shown in grandeur, bringing gifts to the newborn.

How i wish those days would last forever and ever.

Merry Christmas!!

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