Friday, December 28, 2007

sunset atop a flyover

I look forward to driving on the flyover on Mysore Road. Yes, it serves it's purpose and is indeed manitained quite well. Evenings, are when i use the flyover most number of times, heading towards Chamarajapet, from N.R. Road.

The horizon looks beautiful then. Colours splayed everywhere, orange and red in predominant tones. A soft blue colour touching up the background. A setting sun, peeking amidst white, green, yellow coloured concrete blocks. Different lengths of antennae piercing the calm blue of the evening sky. Birds flying into the sun. The whooshing of vehicles by me. How i wish to stop right there, and savour every bit of the scenic sunset.

I enjoy every moment of my drive on this flyover.

Who said that urban areas fail to provide picturesque sunsets?!


harsha said...

Traveling daily on Mysore Road doesn't really feels nice. Traffic Jams makes me frustrated. I commute daily from that route only and ha it is maintained well.. i will agree on that point

mouna said...

i don't know about the traffic situation, as such. there ought to be traffic(which road in bengaluru is free form it). but the sensets on it, are wonderful. truly!

Kadalabal said...

After reading your post I was just lucky to go on the same flyover one evening and suddenly it stuck me and looked at the sky it was a great sunset in the west and mouna i just kept remembering u along with beautiful sunset in this concrete jungle of ours called bengaluru

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
true. a very nice thing about namma bengalooru!! :D