Sunday, December 23, 2007

When i decided to go to Mysuru, i feared that B will forget me. You know, she's young and all that. Young minds, i assumed, tend to forget things easliy.

Thankfully, she hasn't forgotten me. I did test her a few times, with successful results. Man, was i happy!! Then, mother told me that, she will not forget me very easily, as she is pretty old. Moreover, she's spent almost three years in my company.

When she is at home, and is informed that i've come home, she runs into my arms. Surprisingly she does not sguiggle when she's being carried by me. She usually does not fancy anybody carrying her. Lucky me!



Srik said...

Troubling the naughty child huh!!

mouna said...

no, not at all. but i can get naughty too. much more than her. at times, actually! ;)