Friday, September 14, 2007

to be liked or not

It's not necessary that i be liked by everybody. I cannot imagine such a situation. To think of such a scene, is it right by me to process this? I guess not.

I do not mean that i'm a bad woman. It's just that my ways and views may not always be likeable. I I also shouldn't be bothered by it. For i don't believe in pleasing others.

It's the same case with the people i come across. Not that i hate a person. It's better to think of it in this fashion: we have varied personalities. It makes things a lot simpler. We may find some approachable, the others are not. Utopia. How i wish myself to completely agree on these lines(at times, i do) And we don't trouble ourselves in that regard, do we?

I guess not.

It's fine to think of almost everything this way. Perhaps, i like a particular flower and somebody else does not. Be it anything.

Would you term this 'being unique', or being broadminded? I don't know. But, i definately would not expect everybody to think good of me.


December Stud said...

Well, I think you are a good girl ;)

You are tagged

So, that should be your first post when you come back from Mysooru next time ;)

dame's diary said...

Hey mouna,

You remind me of a friend in college!

mouna said...

i know that, don't i? :p

as you order, that will be my first post the next time i visit bengalooru. that'll take quite some time.

i was thinking of blogging from mysore, henceforth. well as u say, boss!

dame's diary,
do i? the world is ever-shrinking, ain't it? :D

December Stud said...

I was just trying to help ;) Now that you are blogging from Mysooru, let the post originate from the city which I adore ;)

mouna said...

really, huh? u are demanding! since it's me who is to post, i shall do it when i'm visiting the city i love ;)