Saturday, September 15, 2007


Festivals are seasons during which one celebrates. Perhaps, they came into being for this purpose. Today being a festive day, i'm suppose to be celebrating. Frankly, i'm happy that festivals come now and then. I can visit Bengalooru on such occasions!

Well, festivals do not mean much to me. But, i do like the mood that hangs in the environment. That which bursts with goodness, energy, excitement. It's nice to see people shopping, fancy hoardings, glittering clothes, streets lit up, the lights and all that. I'm not anti-festival, mind you.

Festivals of a different kind also visit us. Birthdays(of various kinds), anniversaries(again, of various types), the day when i get my results, or when i finish my semester exams, whatever it may be. We do celebrate those days, don't we?

We don't need special days earmarked for celebration. What we do need is an approach to do that. Celebrations should not be limited to these red-lettered days.

Nature has provided us innumerable reasons for us to rejoice. To see a butterfly sit on one's arm for more than a minute, a gentle smile on a kid's face, somebody wishing you in the morning, to read something that interests you, wearing your favourite pair of pants.. be it anything.

Can't we afford ourselves that extra bit? Without any obstacles or blemishes....

Happy Gowri(festival) and Ganesha Chaturthi!


Arun said...

"Nature has provided us innumerable reasons for us to rejoice"

Indeed so. If we look around with awareness, there are so many beautiful things.. flowers that grow by the fences, parakeets and koels flying all over the city, smell of sampige that is planted all over the city... so many..

mouna said...

very true.

manu said...

Festival bearing religious origin has a reason for celebration.
It gives opportunity for the busy individual to take time out to think of godly virtues and implement in our daily lives.
Every festival we celebrate is just a reminder of the almighty existence that nurtures and sustains the world we live in, and in return the gratitude we offer back to the lord for what's given to us.