Sunday, September 09, 2007

an attempt to come back

I didn't know that i'd be back this early! I had assumed that these pages will go into oblivion for all time to come. And i'm not joking.

Everything about Mysooru(did i get it right?) is new to me. I'm still adjusting to the new environment. It's difficult, being homesick and all that. But, it's a part of the package, isn't it? I should get used to it in the coming days.

It's nice to have a hometown. I told this to S when i was studying at MCC. Isn't it wonderful to tell somebody that you have a native place. A place that you are familiar with, where you would long to be. I was asked to shut my mouth then, not to mouth any more rot. I understand her now. It may appear fancy on the outside. On the other hand, it's disappointing.

Excitement filled me when i alighted the bus. Sighting father, who was waiting for me. Mother's beaming face... it's lovely!

I so wanted to see B. Coincidently she's home today. I asked her to plant a nice kiss on me. She refused, the stubborn kid that she is. I told, 'Sweety, i'll buy you pani-puri.' A fantastic kiss was granted. A shower of kisses drained on me.

Bribing helps at times, you see.


Prashanth M said...

Welcome back... so you shifted to Mysooru for studies! Good!! all the best :)

Anonymous said...

you do feel terrible missing the surroundings...but as u say its part of the package and will reduce gradually....but its all worth for a good reason...all the best for ur future...

neela said...

you will love mysooru too.
coming back to bengalooru after being away is really thrilling.
nice to see u back.

Priya said...

hi!!! welcome back from the land of culture and Mysore Palace...

Raghu said...

All the best for your studies, Mouna! :)

Srik said...

Mysore is the best place for a student. You'll definitely love it

December Stud said...

Now that you have a label called "Mysooru", you will have even more people come by your blog, that's the strength of the name :)

I know what you are saying...I had same experiences when I got back from bengalooru to Mysooru.....we all have a 'home'.

Even now, nothing beats the feeling I get when I visit Mysooru.

mouna said...

thanks a lot!

'worth a good reason' i so hope!

i was indeed thrilled to be back :D

thanks dear.

thank you :)

hope so.

same here, nothing beats the feeling, to roam on streets which are familiar. the power of mysooru, hope it hits me in the right manner ;)