Sunday, September 16, 2007

a carnival in front of my house

Some boys from my street and the neighbouring ones have installed a pandal. At one end of my road. I felt my eyebrows go up, when i saw it on thursday, as i was walking towards my house(in Bengalooru).

I intially thought that the Ganesha idol would be instated for a single day, on the day of the festival. It was evening, and the drums weren't heard. We, then decided that the hullaballoo was to last for two more days. Spiced with the usual programmes; a nerve-wrecking orchestra belting out loud garish tunes(from lovely songs), and some dances(by somebody). Anyways, i bragged before my cousins. I was to leave on the second day(of the celebrations on my road) to Mysooru. My precious ears, and head, were to be rescued, indeed.

Today at about ten o' clock, i could hear some noise on the road. My mother and a cousin called out to me. I saw people fixing merry rides, the ones that kids adore. I was surprised. Very. We are asked to park our vehicles on adjacent roads in order to make place for them. Iron beams, colourful cars, horses, and Donald Ducks piled in front of the main door.

There was to be more in the pipeline, i was told. Only time would tell me, thought i.

I had to visit a friend. So off, i went on my bike. I knew, i would be long. I came back in the afternoon, to find a carnival on my road. I squirmed here and there, and parked the bike inside the house. With two huge books in my hands, i travelled throughout the length of the road, inspecting every corner.

Was i amazed!!

Kids of every age and size were to be seen(and their parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles: the entire household). There were four rides in all. Apart from these, i found two stalls which distributed popcorn and one which gave away cotton candy.

Did i take the correct turn, or was i visiting a distant town? I was still awed!

Young ones squealing now and then, elbowing others, aunties haggling that their child be given a place in the ride, the smell of fresh popcorn... it was worth watching.

The eatables were over quickly, considering that they were free(everything was free). Thankfully the road was cleared by five. I had estimated that the jaatre would go on till late in the evening. To add to the masala, the tv-9 crew were called. A cameraman came and went. Videos of fighting-kids, an elder chasing out annoying little boys with a stick in his hand, organisers who were cheering out loud, others who joined them(for they wanted to be seen on t.v.) etc. How clever the boys were, you know, money was spent for entertainment and not squandered away.

It was evening, and games were started. The only game that was played was 'musical chairs'. I guess, others were planned too, but the number which appeared for musical chairs was overwhelming. They had about four prelims. It was a riot, watching them. A guy screaming out rubbish into the microphone, while loud music signalled the beginning and end of every session.

We all had a hearty laugh. Everybody in my locality would have visited my street today. Hundreds of them.

A final round was cancelled due to lack of time. Poor kids, they had dissapointing looks on their faces. They sat on wet chairs, got drenched hard in the rain. The rain provided a break in the middle. After a brief interlude, they again began, even though there was a slight drizzle. All in the name of fun.

Musical chairs was scheduled for adults too, in vain. A magic show was in line, too. And the magician was complaining that he had to return quickly. Thus, the magic show got rolling. I entered my room then.

There is to be a music show tomorrow. Fortunately i'll be in Mysooru till then. While the other inhabitants of my house will suffer a headache on the morrow.

Ain't i lucky??!!


Srik said...

Dont tell me it doesnt happen in Mysooru ;)

Priya said...

yup Srik..guess this might be the case at Mysore too...

The 'Ekaangi' said...

Awesome !! Jus those things tht I love ... except musical chairs ... I have played it with my neighboring muscular aunties and I hate tht game !!!

Minus the loud blaring orchestra, the entire atmosphere of this festival is amazing.

Prashanth M said...

and to add to this you get stopped by unknown people on a road demanding (not asking/requesting) for money for Ganesha...

It happened to me twice same day near my hometown a week ago :)

neela said...

jaatre andre talenovvu bonus.

Ms.Hegde said...

Carnival sounds great when its with 'DOLLU'

mouna said...

srik and priya,
something to this extent, no way!
of all the ganesha celebrations that i did see in mysore, the one at my department was the most flamboyant one, i must say!!
most of the them were silent ones.

exactly. except the songs which is repeated ample no. of times.

near your hometown, not in bengalooru ;) you would be bombarded here :D

talenovu with added spice. not a fun equation.

at times, not when it's too loud.

Arun said...

Always disliked any one using roads for all that, but seems like fun from the way you describe it.. :)

mouna said...

it was fun. what irks me the utilisation of roads to comstruct plaaces of devotion. they literally spill on the roads.