Friday, September 28, 2007

shifting tones

One thing that definately changes when i travel to Mysooru is my voice. And when i'm back in Bengalooru, it attains it's normal tone.

It's weird, i know. Initially, i had to convince mother that i was healthy enough. She panicked to quite some extent when she heard me on the phone. I, myself found it strange. I could feel the change in my voice after a few days of stay at Mysooru. I guess, it becomes deeper. So as to say.

I've always liked a variation in my tone. Whenever a friend was suffering from cold/cough, i would go upto her and say 'Your voice sounds good.' She would inturn give me back a hard, cold look. A look that spelt daggers.

I adore the modulation that my voice undergoes when a cold/cough hits me. Despite a sore throat, headache, a runny nose when ends up bleeding. I immediately ask whoever is beside me, whether she/he can detect a deeper tone from me. To be, again, stared at.

Strange are my ways, and strange are other's ways too. Afterall this is me.


Ms.Hegde said...

It reminds me of my desire to get sore-throat so that i would loose my voice completely....but sad it never happened:(

mouna said...

thank heavens, it never has. i hope it never will too. but, such a desire, what for?(if i'm not being very inquisitive) :)

Srik said... "Your voice sounds good." ;)

I have had such experiences... people coming and asking me "oh! you have a cold", I stare at them with a look "Dumboo...thats obvious" ;)

I had that total loss of my voice when I screamed my self to death at a get-together of friends very recently. After all that, I was so scared that my voice would never be back to normal... Im glad it has come back to its original good. :-)

Prasanna L.M said...

hi mouna,
I just came across ur blog while exploring srik's blog..really good work. keep it up.. I have blogrolled your blog.

neel3 said...

Being a teacher a change in the voice scares me..
It has happened many times to me.But the fear is always there.
Mysoorina neerige neevinnu adddjustaagilla anta ansutte.

December Stud said...

ellA nIrina guNa ;)

It actually reminds me of an episode in 'Friends' where Phoebe has cold. She is so upset after she is cured because she thought her voice was suited for music when she was sick!

mouna said...

i have to tell u this. since the past few months, i've really toned down. so, i guess, my classmates at mysuru assumed me to possess a soft voice. they, later realised that i can speak loudly. they were quite surprised, now some of them are really used to it.! :D

prasanna l.m,
thank you, do come back,
i'm privileged!! :)

i know. my lecturers used to moan in class when they were suffering from a cold/cough. we were a happy lot, as classes were cancelled ;)

talk about phoebe, and her desire to sing!!
nirina guNa, hope somthing nice turns up! i'm finding it rather difficult to adjust to the water there. i hope this disappears at the earliest :(