Tuesday, August 28, 2007

dusk by a lake

The evening was young. They entered the park. It had been a long time since she had visited it last. Somehow, she felt that she knew every curve like the back of her palm. Despite the factuality of it.

A soft breeze picked up. Enhancing the already beautiful weather. It was bright and sunny during the afternoon. And she was glad to stroll in the shade of a green canopy. Beams of sunrays touched the tarred roads here and there. Creating patches of irredescent glow. Dust motes danced around.

They headed towards the glass house. It looked new. New panes of crystal glass replaced the old ones. Hence, the latest shine and the aura. Wandering around it, she observed a few people. Some tourists, some known faces dotted the scene.

She longed to visit the lake. It had rained heavily and the lake ought to look lovely. Playing around with the green coloured mesh that bordered the lake, she noticed a few ducks.

As usual, a handful of people had gathered near the bridge. Dropping in clumps of puffed rice. Children screamed with joy, 'Look at the fishes, they are so many here.' Running along the length, spotting fishes wherever they could. The placid exterior was turbulent. Formed by the bobbing heads of the fishes as they moved up and down the surface.

After some time, she sat herself on a stone bench. It was still warm. The sun looked splendid on the horizon. Colours were strewn everywhere on the sky.

Darkness enveloped her surroundings. Birds were seen returning to their abodes. Calls were heard, the mynah, the squealing parakeets, one chasing the other. Two squirrels ran past her leg. They climbed the trunk of tree as she gazed at them. With their bushy tails following them. Another came by her leg, stared at her for too little a time, and leaped into the dense shrubbery.

Strange looking insects buzzed around. Creating a low, monotonous hum. A brief pause, and they started all over again. With renewed vigour. The pale-green expanse of the water-body took a grey tone. An inky-blue had begun it's spread.

It was time to go, she decided. Courting the bund, which laced the tank, she reached the main walk. One last meandering glance at the lake, and she ambled along.


Arun said...

The birds and squirrels are such a joy..

December Stud said...

Very similar to the Chamundi beTTa episode, huh?

Srik said...

Super!! Lalbagh has lived better in ur words here!

mouna said...

i prefer squirrels to birds. they appear to be more 'active' than winged animals ;)

illa, this is lalbagh. one of the best places in bengalooru, acording to me. it's beautiful :)

lalbagh, how i so love the place!! everything about it makes me drool :D

December Stud said...

Of course it is Lalbagh....I knew that (you think I am *that* dumb, huh? :) ). I meant that this writing is very similar to the other episode on Chamundi beTTa.

Priya said...

a really nice way to describe Lalbaug...

mouna said...

i'm sorry if i got u annoyed(looks like). oh, howda??

my two cents :D