Monday, August 27, 2007

comparing the two..

When we say comparison, we always use it with reference to two different enities. Comparison is important. It helps us differentiate and choose the best.

Upon contemplating, we prefer the better one, be it a watch, flowers, clothes, food....

At the same time, even the one which is rejected by us plays a major role. Without which, we couldn't have come to the conclusion that a particular one suits us more than the other. Thus, we can distinguish, the good from the bad, the healthy from the diseased....

When we try imagining only the nice things to surround us, it is unrealistic. I mean that, 'nice' cannot describe a thing. If we would have to term it nice, there should be something that is not nice. Something that is not fancied by us.

There has to be a superior and an inferior quality to anything. For us to decide, and obviously opt for that which suits us.


December Stud said...

Agreed......but at the same time, the other end of comparing two things is so horrific, unsettling and downright wrong.

"How come Raju got 5 percent more than you did?"

"Sorry, but I like your sister more than you...I think she is much more beautiful"

mouna said...

yes, i strongly detest it.

but it actually shouldn't matter, according to me. u know, the second one is so apt. people used to tell on my face that they appreciated M because she was the silent one. if she is praised, why not? she is my sis. it's just that the person in concern does not know well enough.

when somebody passes such a remark, u have two options. one, it was made by a lay person, so i really shouldn't be bothered by it. two, people who know me would never say something like it.