Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my room and space

My room is in a mess. It always is. Maybe i should use word 'super' here. At this point of time and space. It's very apt. The messiest place is obviously my desk.

I've always more than a dozen things(which are both required and not) on my desk. I've ten pens which do not work, or have no ink in them. Plenty of scrap, lying everywhere, which is of no use to me. A few plastic bags. B's art - i'm on a preserving spree, and she bent on a writing one. Bookmarks, books, cds', a whistle, my radio instrument, a watch(if not two), my scarf, a really good-looking key-bunch, a cap, three/four bags, my glasses, it's case, currency-right from loose change to crisp hundred rupee notes....

Mother complained a lot when i initiated on my recklessness. I whined in front of aunt. Aunt supported me, saying that it's my room now, and that mother should let me maintain my room my way(M and i shared the room, before it came into my possession). I beamed when she told me that. Perhaps, i've started loving her more, since then. And i don't forget to repeat those golden words, whenever mother speaks against my room.

My room is getting shabbier day by day. Minute by minute would be more convenient. Mother's keeping mum. She thinks that she can make me clean my room using a pretext.

I think i know my habits, better. Especially in this context. Aunt, you know, i like you a lot!

By the way, what's on your desk?


krupa said...

Reading your post brought back memories of my room.Even I was into hoarding.So anyone entering my room would be amazed at the amount of stuff I kept everywhere...sigh!

Now I have my own house..and now I see my mom's point of view..particularly when my husband carelessly dumps his coat/laptop/etc on the couch!

Bit Hawk said...

Welcome to the club, you are not alone!
My computer table is equally messed up - apart from my comp, I usually have a landline telephone, couple of mobiles, mobile charges, pen stand, pens that stopped writing long time back, sticky notes, scribble pads, headphones, earphones that work, earphones that dont, DVDs, CDs, CD covers, floppies from the historical era, couple of mp3 players, a few pen drives and hell lot of miscellaneous junk (including me!)

I keep justifying that I am not unclean, I am just messy! I am somehow not very comfortable when things are very organized on my table (I am very organized with maintaining contents inside my computer though!)

Priya said...

Agree with Krupa, there used to be a time when my room used to be a mess, now a days though after marriage, have started cleaning and yes i do now realise my mothers point... :)

Arun said...

post a photo.. :)

December Stud said...

You've basically described MY room!!!

The room was a mess, and my study table was the worst. It had all kins of books and parahernalia dumped. But the secret is that i could find exactly what I wanted, within a second, even in that dump.

In my case, my father is the one who used give me lectures on keeping up a good clean study table.

Well, certain habits die hard...Until I lived there, it was always a mess.

Thanks for the nostalgia.

neela said...

certainly nostalgic..
better after meeting my perfectionist hub

Srik said...

Hahahahah... .Exactly my room, my table!! Mother keeps complaining, sometimes, does the cleaning work herself, only to see me furious about the missing things there....

And life comes back to normal in a few moments ;)

I agree with DS that certain habits die hard!

mouna said...

*sigh* good old times, i'm going to miss it a lot :)

obviously there is a line between being unclean and messy. it's just that a few genuises understand it. the table on which my pc rests is neat to the T. but my study table, wow!

i hope my sis does not voice the same opinion.

really? perhaps, i'll let more time to pass. let my table appear it's best! ;)

my father does not keep silent. he kinda knows that his younger one does not listen to him. that's all :p

a class apart, if i'm allowed to say :D

same here. huTTa guNagaLu bega aLisi hogolla :D