Friday, August 24, 2007

sleep for the tired soul

The bed looked inviting. It was time she decided. She closed her book, marking the page with the help of a bookmark. A few minutes later, she lay on her bed. Waiting for sleep to envelope her. With the white light switched off, she expected herself to close eyelids within no time.

Time went by her. But, sleep did not possess her. Her tired self wanted the calm soothing feel of a long-awaited slumber. Changing her position, she hoped that her mind would rest.

It was not to be so. Annoyed, she sat herself. Switching on the white light, she reached for her book. And opened to that page which she had last read.

Pages were turned. Until the hand and soul felt weary of the exercise. She turned in for the night, for the second time. Sleep did close in on her this time. Darkness surrounded her and her self.


Srik said...

Reach out for a college text book, sleep would definitely embrace you in no time. I have successfully attempted this experiment many a times lollllll ;-)

Prashanth M said...

guilty as charged... :(

It's been a long time since I read a book... thanks for reminding :)

mouna said...

lols, it works out in my case too. at times. :D

me too, i haven't been reading regularly these days :(