Sunday, July 29, 2007

New diseases approach mankind. Scientists say that this trend will continue. For Nature has always been on the recieving end. A very bad end.

Amongst probably malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS... cancer is also on the spread.

Cancer. It can be very scary. Painful too. Of late, i've heard quite a few people suffering from this. I heard about the first one somewhere in the beginning of this year. Tears collected at the fringes of my eyes. Being the first one to hear about this, i found it difficult to break the news to my classmates. I had to do that, for we appreciated Mrs. V a lot.

We came across the other three within a short span of time. I am still shocked that such relatively young ladies are diseased. Though our relationship was a lecturer-student one, we bridged the gap easily. Classes were fun-filled, learning was made enjoyable.

The wrinkles on their face.. those few strands of hair where eyebrows, eyelashes stood.... the weak smiles... the wigs... the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions... Despite all this, they attend college on a daily basis and impart education to students. Their children, some of them being kindergarten/primary kids.

God save such wonderful women!



Srik said...

Sometimes, life offers us a hardship to pass thru. I have mentioned this somewhere that I lost three of my close relatives pray to this disease. But, somewhere I hope that the patients be examined at the beginning stages itself so that they recover in no time.

I am sad as I write this note :(

mouna said...

it's ok. as u say each one of us have to undergo a situation! hope that nobody amongst your kin fall prey to this disease, from now on! cheer up! :)

i was feeling sad when i posted this article :(
i'm glad that these people were diagnosed at an early stage.

Priya said...

i have lost my grand mother to cancer..she passed away when i was very young..didnt even get time to know her... :(

mouna said...

i'm really sorry. i always believ that grandparents and their grandchildren have this special relation, high on friendship, than anything else.

cheer up, dear!! :)