Monday, July 30, 2007

coloured raindrops

One of the best gifts provided by providence is rain. The splendor, ecstasy, brilliance of raindrops falling lightly on your cupped palm is simply immeasurable.

Thankfully, the rain-gods have smiled upon Bangalore. At last. I rush out to catch sight of those first few raindrops. And put my hands out to capture them. Everytime. Untill i decide that a particular amount of dampness is sufficient.

Speaking about the rains, it's freshness et al, i'm reminded about the advertisements featured on rain. A telecom service saying that their network is accessible through rough weather. Another is that of a beverage.

This ad that Reliance gave, it's beautiful. Various frames are shown with different locations. With raindrops falling in the background coloured with subdued pinks, greens, yellows, blues.... These colours are supposed to spill from the screens of those cell phones. Lovely.

Another ad is that of Limca. Riya Sen is drenched in rain, whenever she sips Limca.(with the spirit of Limca filling her body and soul?)

One thing that is common between these two ads is the variety of hues that is offered to the viewer. Vibrant and enchanting.

Colours and raindrops. Aha!


VENU VINOD said...

nice thoughts mouna, i've seen reliance ad, and liked it, its cool, but i've not seen the latter

Srik said...

Have you seen the latest Airtel ad? So enchanting with rains in the backdrop!

parijata said...

Nice post.
I love the Reliance ad too. But I don't remember seeing the Limca ad.

mouna said...

venu and parijata,
the link is attached. the limca one is really nice!

airtel has quite a few ads with rain in the backdrop. this one has a small boy who asks his father to listen to the sound of raindrops, right?

these people sure know how to use the rains to market their services! :D

Priya said...

Liked the latest airtel ad with the kid running in rain and then holding up the mobile for his father to hear the rains... nice emotions and nice marketing strategy... :)

mouna said...

yes, with soft music playing in the background! i somehow think that the rain is always connected with emotions..

Twisted DNA said...

I liked the first one, the Reliance one. Nice visual experience. The Limca one is no classier than the cheap Indian rain songs with drenched heroine (in, of course, white dress) :)

Thanks for the first ad, it did really capture the essence of rain.

Kalyan said...

Rains and colours-just the perfect combo. I like both the splash of colours as well as the rain drops, which gives a wonderful feeling.

mouna said...

is it ok if i call you this way?

i agree with the reliance ad. the second one is not bad, considering the senseless ads that we are made to view! i guess, i like any ad to do with rain :D

true. things take a new look, appear more colourful with the rains! :)

The 'Ekaangi' said...

Talkin of rain without mentioning "Mungaru Male" is impossible. The movie worked coz of the rains ... the words are apt "Mungaru maleye, yenu ninna hanigala leele ?"

mouna said...

of course, u've just returned from jog falls. u still must be on cloud 9! :D