Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is more to things than what we assume it to consist of. Perhaps, our sense in this regard explains our narrow-minded thinking, or our ego.

At present, almost each and every person i come across, encourage me. To get me out of the knots that i think i'm tied up in. Mind you, it's not nice, feeling vulnerable. Lecturers from college, friends, M, her friends try to lift my spirits, whenever i speak to them.

Imagining... well, it takes different shapes. Some nasty ones, some appreciable images. But, then that isn't the way i would like to see myself. A bitter way of viewing my surroundings.

Then why do we proceed so? Conceiving not-so-pleasant ideas... I'd rather spend time on other things, than pondering about it. That's what i told M. I'd paint, write short pieces on prose, talk with a friend, than crib about what's happening around me. Positive thoughts. I realised this a few days back. And i'm happy i did.

All said and done, i'm not sure if i'll be able to abide by the new statements that i now regulate my mind with. I remind myself, every now and then. It makes sense as this notion is fresh. It may perhaps, lose significance as time proceeds.

Now that i've put my thoughts onto something hard, i'd better be guided in a likeable manner. Moreover, M and i have talked about this, she would expect me to a good job of opinion. People around me undergo the same, or must have passed through such a phase. Otherwise we wouldn't have those memorable instances of celebrations.

Anybody would want me to, including me.

That leaves me confused. A positive aspect is that i hope, inbetween troubled moments. I think i do hope. At times.



Kalyan said...

Its very true, things most often than not are so simple as we assume to be and once we get involved in that thing, its difficult to come out of it. The more we try to come out of it, the more it seems we get entangled in it but I believe getting involved in other activities do help lessen the strain and as they say...tough times don't last but tough people do.

mouna said...

that's true. feeling tied up.. thats not all. we are surrounded by other things that cheer us up.

bachodi said...

woman ?? unmarried ? Oh Horror!!!

mouna said...

i didn't get it.. so please explain :)

Srik said...

Accepting a thing as it is offered to us is the best policy to be happy. Relationships and the way they behave sometimes irritate, But again, life doesnt come with a manual as to how to respond to a situation, most of them are just an instantaneous ones.


mouna said...

your first line: i've been trying to do that, with some success :)
i'm happy that i can put this much from my side atleast.