Thursday, July 05, 2007

going back in time

I enjoy every moment spent in B's company. I've learnt quite a lot in the process. The hide-and-seek that we play, or the pleasure that i obtain when i carry her in my arms.... those unforgettable moments.

My parents treasure her. At times, i feel that she recieves more love than what i get. They've seen many a child grow up, at close quarters. This is my first. Folks at home say that B and i resemble, to some extent. In our habits and characteristics.

At times, after having played with B the entire day, my parents go back in time. They start recalling events, incidents when we were small. Like the way my father used to give us rides on his shoulder... or the trauma that my mother underwent when M and i were sick.

Today, i place B on my shoulders' and tour the house. I visit a neighbouring shop with her, knowing that she'll be gifted with sweets. Perhaps, i used to be petted in the same fashion.
I prod my parents to tell more stories from the past, when M and i were young.

The story-telling will continue for some more years to come. As and when my parents are reminded of a little act that took place twenty(or more) years back. Reminded by a smilar act preformed by B before their eyes.

It's wonderful, to know of your childhood. To be told of all the innocent happiness, freshness, enthusiasm, wickedness that ruled our minds then.

I see a twinkle in my parents' eyes' everytime they go back in time. And the joy with which they guide B is immense.



Bit Hawk said...

Nice post! Very nostalgic!

December Stud said... need to start "M&M chronicles". I ams ure it will be sweet.....;)

mouna said...

bit hawk,
thanks! :)

heh heh!! :D

neela said...

nieces and nephews have a special place.
I remember I had told my mother after one such a visit: Now I know why in olden days people wanted their nieces to be their daughters-in -law!! :)

SHREE said...

Cute writeup, nice..

Srik said...

wellllll........stories of the past...some are glad to hear, and some are sad. But all the stories from the childhood are glad to hear!!

mouna said...

really??!! :P

thanks :)

ya... to recount old tales is a nice thing.

parijata said...
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parijata said...

After my sister had a baby, I realized how much my aunts had loved me, when I was a baby.

Good for you, you get to spend time with B whom you love so much.

mouna said...

perhaps, your aunts still love you the same way :p