Tuesday, July 03, 2007

at karanji kere

An attempt at photography. These two were taken at Karanji Kere in Mysore. It's a beautiful place. All one can see into the far end is greenery and nothing else.

Karanji Kere has a variety to offer to tourists. It has a butterfly park, a small lake, and a small aviary. We couldn't visit the lake and the butterfly park due to lack of time. But the aviary is mind-blowing. I mean it. It is a small enclosure, which has mesh limiting it from all possible sides.

The fascinating bit is this: a path meanders inside the aviary. One comes in close contact with the birds. Real close; i almost touched the peacock.

Various species of pheasants are also maintained in addition to the peacock, the great indian hornbill(Buceros bicornis), wild hens, ducks and the likes. I was indeed lucky to picture the hornbill. Though the top portion appears to be chipped.

And need i say about the peacock. We got to witness it dance in the rain with it's tail feathers spread in a semi-circle. How majestic!

A slight drizzle to accentuate the enthusiasm. A water body close by amidst lush green surroundings. Aha!


Anonymous said...

guess you had lot of fun watching them....i have never seen a peacock dancing in my entire life...and off late have not seen a peacock...i guess its once in a lifetime opportunity..treasure it....all the best..

neela said...

I did the boating and missed the aviary...
Lovely place.

M O H A N said...

2 months back had gone there. We went boating, walking with monkey who got shooed by security firing air guns - they were an indulgent lot!!

Neverthe less my son enjoyed everything from boats, peacocks, monkeys and airguns.


Prashanth M said...

nice pics.. have been to mysore many times and visited few places in mysore, but never got a chance to visit karanji kere :(

mouna said...

yes. i was lucky to spot it. it'll definately be treasured :)

amazing place!!

glad to know that your son enjoyed the place. it's actually good that such places exist.

there's always a next time, alve? :)
if i were to visit mysore again, i'd surely go to this place.

December Stud said...

Yay!!!! Mysore....

As my tAta says "God Chosen Heaven On Earth"...what more can I say? ;)

mouna said...

yes; mysore! :)

Anand Balaji said...

Watch out all you photo bloggers!!!
Good show mouna:)

mouna said...

ha ha ha, right!! :D