Monday, July 09, 2007

feeling good

All of us possess the quality of goodness in us. It's disappointing that we don't realise it. Most of the times. We try to measure it on a scale which is limited. Why do we restrict ourselves from thinking about it? Or perhaps, even practising it.

Not that we don't practise it. At the same time, i think we can do more. Making a known face feel happy.

As mentioned before, we try to quantify it using avenues which are few in number. When we do spend on a second thought, it seems pretty shallow. All of us have been gifted with benevolence. I think, this quality and it's significance diminishes as time passes. It's disheartening.

Everything around us abounds with good-will. We don't take note of it. Do we allow it to fade? Is the decline imbibed in us without our knowledge? We fail to appreciate it even if it appears before us.

Feeling good, making others' feel nice, it all sounds so wonderful. The gracefullness can be observed and obtained from many entities. Be it, seeing a colour that's pleasant to the eyes'.... or a favourite shirt.... to hear from somebody whom we care for.... writing a short paragraph... etc.

It makes one feel glad and light-hearted.


VENU VINOD said...
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VENU VINOD said...

i feel most of us see others in a prejudised angle. and our earlier experiences influence these prejudices. and the moment we see from these preconception, we tend to err in judging a human being

Priya said...

yes agree with u mouna, goodness is all around us...we just need to spend a lil time to notice it...

rk said...

what a wonderful thought! agree with you 100%.
we need to love the simple things around us and it is these which we can share with everyone and make not only others but also ourselves happy.

mouna said...

previous experiences, perhaps, we've been hurt by them. thus, we err. but, we wouldn't like to commit the same mistake and pain others in the process... that's bad. most of us have done it.

right... we simply fail to do that. :(

isn't it? if not love, we still can appreciate.. :)

Anonymous said...
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December Stud said...

I certainly agree for the most part....but I think a lot of us inherently appreciate it too, nay?

M O H A N said...

I agree one should be benovalent. Would like to add 'forgiveness' as yet another important aspect in life.

Srik said...

Joy is in simple aspects of life. Not in mercedez nor in ferrari. The real joy is in a simple touch, a rainy odour, smell from kitchen when mom is cooking, a harsh voice of a neighbouring kid, a hot coffee after a tiresome day.... many more!!

manu said...

All are busy climbing the ladder of success in life, rarely realizing it might have lean against a wrong wall.
Thus we fail to recognize unless we reach the peak and lament at the end.

mouna said...

neevu heLodhu seri, it is inherent in us... somehow it declines as time passes, i don't say it is lost..

i think forgiveness is a part of good-will. if one is good, i guess forgiveness sets in automatically.

absolutely true!!

we are experts in lamenting :D
but, we still can be good on our path to success, what say?