Monday, May 07, 2007


I like the word 'super'.

Probably because it contains a lot of enthusiasm in it(?). That does sound silly, but that's how i percieve the word. Simple, yet fantastic.

And when i do use the word, i mean it whole-heartedly. Except at times, when the pun is intended, in obvious terms. When i use the word(it slips easily from my mouth), i've to assure the other person that i truly meant the word. No sarcasm... no sattire, in it at all.

Ah! The pleasure in vocalising that word! Heavenly!


Prashanth M said...


even I used to use this word a lot... now lot of words have joined the list giving similar meaning - sakkat, deadly (a slang used in our friends' group meaning same :p) :)

mouna said...

i too use 'sakkath', rarely though! i guess, if i find something delicious.. :)

Shruti said...

Hmm, super word...
Definetily gonna add enthusiasm..
Take care..

Srik said...

Super is a word that adds spice to an extravaganza..enthusiasm and clarity.

Super thought mouna.

mouna said...

absolutely! :D
take care

'spice to an extravaganza', sounds nice! :)