Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a cup of chai

We are habituated to beverages. They motivate us, provide us a 'kick', wake us up from a slumber, freshen us up... all of it implies the same.

My favourite is tea. Commonly known us chaha, chai amongst us, it is indeed a rejuvenating drink. I don't drink it very often, on a normal schedule. But, the amount consumed has definately increased. Presently, i drink it, to keep myself from dosing away. Somehow a cup of tea seems essential after breakfast.

Interestingly, i've started to enjoy brewing tea. A recent discovery of mine.

Boiling water in a vessel... sprinkling tea leaves, crystals of sugar into it... allowing the colour contained in the leaves to diffuse into the hot water. The preparation of a heady decoction. A beautiful red-brown.... a brick-red hue if i may call it. Later, on the addition of milk, the colour softens.

The smell... the taste..... the colour... pleasing the senses.

With a hot cup of tea in my hand, i occupy the rocking chair, my study material and a pencilto accompany me. On realising that the act is an improbable one(invariably something or the other falls), i gulp the tea down.

Strangely, i drink tea at specific places only. At Roti Ghar, Chalukya, MTR, Nescafe counter(at college)... Roti Ghar provides fantastic tea, a little too hot, yet simply delicious.

To my chagrin, Red Label(which is used at home) has added herbs/spices in it. Tea with additions is not favoured by me. On the other hand mother fancies it.

Why did they have to introduce something new? The other variety was better.


December Stud said...

Yep, I certainly enjoy a good cup of tea as well. And, I am not a regular either.

Oh, I so love the masala chai's...with ginger and/or cardomom.....ummm ummm nice !!!

mouna said...

masala tea with cardamom is fine with me, but not the other spices. i'm reminded of the cardamom tea at the nescafe bar at college!super!!

truly, glad to see u back!! :)

neela said...

i love chai with saunf,ellaichi and laung

mouna said...

i guessed it! keeping a tea-stained paper in memory of the college canteen does indicate this!! :D

Prasanna Sastry said...

After coming down to hyderabad im more addicted to Irani Chai. That can definitely beat all other Chai's or chahas,.......

Before that at B'lore by2 chai at the road side anywhere

mouna said...

prasanna sastry,
hmm... i haven't tasted irani chai. it beating other varieties... i'll have to drink it and then analyse :)

thanks for visiting my blog, do visit it again.

bellur said...

I love masala tea. But prefer Coffee anyday. Coffee is a major social institution in my part of the world. It can be described as being an icon of Kannada culture and is a revered tradition in most households. It is customary that a cup of coffee is offered to any visitor when visiting a household in South India (In North India, Tea is preferred.) One sip of this delicious drink will make you understand why Indian filter coffee is such a revered beverage down South.

How to Brew the Best South Indian Filter Coffee

mouna said...

yes, coffee is the first thing that is served in a south-indian home! mum loves filter kaapi. but the rest of us at home don't fancy coffee... don't know why, and yes, i have tasted filter coffee, i still prefer tea :)