Monday, May 28, 2007


This thought occured to me when i was in the middle of i-don't-know-what. It doesn't matter.

Well, i was thinking about the various things that make me smile. Whenever i see the word, or when i hear it, i fell elated. That's how i percieve it. It's something that we seek, for it brings cheer, and makes ourselves glow with goodness.

I went on to list out the things that actually make me smile. Here it is, at random:

a message from M wishing me before an exam..... hearing B chatter(she exceeds me in this regard).... when C waves at me when i leave for college, when i converse with friends.... when i read paragraphs from a particular novel(despite the fact that i've read a dozen times)...... when i paint..... when i see a nice song..... when i hear soothing music....... when i hear the cuckoo sing..... when i see the sky assume beautiful colours..... when i pronounce certain words(the affection is very short-lived)..... when i scan photographs.... when we fight at home for silly reasons....

when i answer intelligently to questions put forth by mother(one incident: she came to my room and saw me. She asked to wear something else, for i'd been using that pair of jeans repeatedly. Here's what i said, Ma, you should be proud to have a daughter like me, somebody who doesn't bother much about clothes, who concentrated on worthwhile stuff. I was given a stare.... Nevertheless i wore it.)

when i see good hand-written material, especially if it appears in good handwriting..... when i eat something tasty(ice-cream during a cold night)... when i catch a cold, as my voice becomes pretty raw..... when i see colourful flowers..... greenery freshly washed by rain... getting drenched in the monsoon showers.... the fragrant smell which emanates from wet earth.... feeling a soft breeze caress my cheeks.....

A smile on your face, what makes it happen?


priya said...

mouna...interesting..for me some simple things such as a puppy playing on the road, eating dosai with chutney podi, listening to old kishore kumar or Md. Rafi songs bring a smile to the face...again depending on what mood i am and what time of the day, this list could turn out to be endles.. :)

mouna said...

at the end of it, it's simple things that actually matter, and coming to think of it, it can be never-ending :D

Anonymous said...

hey....i love to get drenched in the rain...and play brings such excitement..and happiness...when i think about a silly moment happened then...when i look through the photographs..and it would be some 50 th time...great...i can do that all day long....

December Stud said...

Nice....such small things, you don't realize all the different moments unless you start down and write (or blog!).

talk->smile, next what?

manu said...

Smile is an expression of a happy mind. Mind is the one that can be tuned to any state, indifferent to surroundings and circumstances around us.
So i hope you have found the secret to happy smiling face forever.

Srik said...

My list :
A pleasant blackmail from a friend ;)
Rain clad sky
A small baby travelling in the neighbouring vehicle staring at me..when I am riding.
A puppy barking at me ;)

And the list is endless!!

parijata said...

Here goes my list...

Little biyadiya (my naughty little 2-year old) sleeping peacefully, unexpected showers, commenting on this post... :)

Lovely post.
Thanks, Mouna.

mouna said...

silly moments always entertain us, don't they? it brings out a smile, despite dull moods that occupy our mind.

it's fantastic.
hmmm.....what next?

it's up :)

no :(
wish i could find that ever-eluding thing...

'a blackmail', a nice one at that?? has it ever happened to you?? hope the puppy doesn't do anything untoward..

can i make that 'a small baby staring at you with a smile on it's face' :)

thank you very much, i'm privileged!
kids have that amazing power to make anybody feel happy...

Shiv said...


The raw voice due to cold makes it appearance again :D

Moments spent wid my friends , the little naughty things I do wid my gal,the babies..these make me smile

mouna said...

oh! that will always be on my list :p

Srik said...

A 'blackmail' would end up being a hilarious event during my hostel days. So, I have to smile at it. Whether I am good at it or not, you will know further ;)

Yeh yeh puppy will not dare doing it, but it certainly would start waving its tail at me after seeing me smile. It sure wouldnt start barking, though.

The baby, Nope, I get to smile at it first, it analyses for a while and shyly smiles after that.

mouna said...

i am to know further, is it?? quick!! ;)