Wednesday, May 30, 2007

monsoon showers

Rain is in the air. The smell of rain is in the air. Refreshing, it makes one yearn for those first few raindrops. Raindrops which'll make one's senses go mad.

For the gentle drop of water that falls from up above, for the wind which comes and laps one's cheeks.... for the sheets of water that tumbles down, as I watch it out of sheer ecstacy. When i taste raindrops, when some of them accidently make way between my lips. Pure, fresh water, that which fills up ponds, trenches, lakes, feeds river...

I sat on the steps, getting zoology into my head. That's when i sensed rain. How i wished it to rain right then. It didn't.

Rain is eluding. Being clever, it tricks weathermen. Various instruments are used to determine it's whereabouts. While we wait for it, to quench parched earth. Hoping for green fields to provide us with food.

When will it appear?

Today, tomorrow, perhaps, a week from now. It's enigmatic, yet enchanting. An entire country, millions of people wait for it day and night. Perhaps, their lives depends on it. Our lives too. And yes, my thoughts as well.

Dark clouds fill the sky, distributing a gloomy atmosphere everywhere. At times ethereal. It's contagious, the dull environment. Bleakness fill our hearts too.

Anita Desai describes the monsoon beautifully in her T'he Village by the Sea'. A boy stands on sands facing the Arabian Sea, with an elderly friend of his. They are there to offer coconuts to the sea on 'coconut day'. Thankful to the monsoon for being kind to them.

While i wait for the inner courtyard of my house to gather raindrops. Standing there, with walls enveloping me for two tiers, and the open sky beyond it. With outstretched arms, and my head bent back on my neck, to recieve them.

The monsoon is here. Well almost. Those first showers, i'll get wet for sure.


December Stud said...

Rain sure is in the air....and so much in the blog world. You guys in Bangalore are raving about the drops.....

Are you drenched yet?

Shiv said...


I can smell the typical aroma of mud during first rain in your writing. Definitely its a pleasure to get drenched.

When are the showers expected?

parijata said...

A few weeks ago (around the third week of April, I think) there was this announcement from the Met department that rains were here to stay. It did not rain for over two weeks after that!
I love the sky darkened by clouds.. Hey, isn't everyone friendlier during the rainy season than during summer?

Srik said...

Rains are always pleasant to the senses. While it rains its like a heaven, but the aftermath of the rains, at least in Bengalooru is pathetic.

We can write a book on rains, 100 books on the effects in the city.

DS, we are all drenched, almost everyday... since it rains when we get back home in the evening.

mouna said...

anybody does rave about the rain, if they have a liking towards it... i'm waiting to get drenched but it'll have to wait... for atleast 2 more weeks, i've exams :(

if i'm right, it should already have started raining. as usual the winds are playing truant...

that's so true!! i too remember it when the predictions went wrong..

probably, the heat makes one tired, and the rain refreshing, don't know how many will agree with me on this...

ha ha ha, a hundred on the aftermath, yenu maaDabahudu, half the time, we are the people behind the chaos...

i want to get soaked to the skin too...agalla, good for you!!

VENU VINOD said...

yes, like anita desai's novel boy, i too had sit in the beach once watching the boats and ships that pass in the arabean sea. all of a sudden all ships started vanishing from my sight! for a moment i was shocked, and then realized it was the rain, cloud had covered almost and then the drizzing! it was a fantastic memory in my memory lane.
nice post

Srik said...

OK. this time u go get soaked in the rain, then come and write another note here on ur running nose ;)


mouna said...

that's so nice! yenu maaDodhu, bengaLooru does not lie beside the sea, u are so lucky!! :)

forget the aftermath, the getting soaked' is there right? ashTu saaku....

btw i'm pretty immune to the rain, so problem yenu illa. :p

bellur said...

in my childhood, me used to float paper boats made out of Lekhak note books during rainy season. and the 'morees' were so clean that the boat would float from one corner of the road to another so smoothly!

"Rain is eluding. Being clever, it tricks weathermen."

there was this laxman's cartoon where people are waiting with umbrellas in hand and it's pouring. but there is one guy in the crowd without an umbrella and he is getting drenched. a guy with umbrella asks this fellow: are you from the met. dpt.?

mouna said...

lolz!! :D

u read my mind. i, too was thinking about those paper boats that were sail when rains poured! we would tear newspapers, old sheets of paper, fight over the seemingly important sizes... those good old days :)

Priya ( said...

one more thing that comes to my mind when it rains is one cup of hot tea and hot pakodas...yum...nothing to beat this combination...what say... :)

mouna said...

hot tea and pakoras..hmmm... it sounds nice. on the other hand, i'd prefer some icecream when it's pouring outside!! :D