Thursday, May 10, 2007

a dimpled cheek

People have been complementing her on her dimple. It was not new to her, she's been hearing it since childhood. 'complement' might be a little too far-fetched. Well, appreciation is a better word.

She nodded her head whenever somebody made a mention of it. Did it concern her? She never paid any attention to it. Guess, when something comes naturally to a person, she/he hardly spends any energy on it.

Lately, somebody made a statement regarding the dimple on her chin: 'The dimple suits you', or something to that effect.

That statement has been playing on her mind, for quite some time. Rather, she's been allowing the fiddling to happen. Was that really meant, or was it just a passing remark?

It does not matter.

It always accompanied a grin..... a scowl.... a glare..... an angry face with eyes scrunched up..... laughter which made a feeble effort on a tear-stained cheek.

There, the ends of her tender lips are pulled apart in a smile. While a dimple adds charm to it. Afterall, it's worth it's presence.


bellur said...

hi mouna,
have been a regular at 'creations' for quite sometime. but this is my first comment here.

thanks for the behind-the dimple-story. loved the chai post as well.


ps: you've been blogrolled.

Srik said...

To add to the 'soDa glass'(microscope), the sweatting 'darker side' face, 'running nose', 'noicy anklet', we need to search for the 'dimpled cheek'...!

Well.. its getting more interesting!!

mouna said...

'creations!!' welcomes you!!
thanks a lot, i'm blessed!! :D

LOLLZZ... clarifications and clarifications!!

good heavens, u still associate me with a running nose?? that was ages ago!!
as for the dimpled cheek, try spotting it near hudson circle. :D