Sunday, April 15, 2007

MCC moments

Time spent at BBC on saturdays.... drawing histology diagrams.... listening to music.... gossiping about 'wordly issues'........ talking about our families, finding a simple joke hilarious, laughing our hearts out, courtsey the evergreen bts'.... snacks being puri-unde(Indu was so fascinated by it, which led to an argument, Bhavya had to interfere and give both of us, one each) Bhavya, thank you!!!

Those discussions that i had with Sindhu and Indu. The 'adult' topics that we discussed... the noises that we made, when an unwanted call had to answered by Indu. It seemed so perfect.

The never-ending sessions of pictionary that we carried out in Micro Lab. And the dumb-charades that followed, with the entire class pitching in. Not to forget, the 'Post-it' competition which we won. We created such a ruckus. I was jumping most-of-the-time! And the gifts were duly distributed amongst the seventeen of us. All of a sudden, Post-it paraphernalia was raining on third year CZMs'.

The oohing and aahing during Cul-Ah.... during the embryology film show.... on hearing the very sad story of a lecturer, upon classifying me(one has got to hear this)!!

The staff, who made my time spent at MCC wonderful. The dean who walked upto me and said, 'Mouna, you do look scary', when i had worn a t-shirt which states 'I am scary'. An english lecturer, who used to enquire about us, every time we met. Our darling C, who used to dramatise chemistry.

The plum cake that i pestered S and Sh to pick up, during the Christmas celebrations in my first year. They did, for my sake. Incidently both of them don't like plum-cake, so i took home their share as well. When S had to prepare for her Italian exam, and we were helping(?) her concentrate, again at the BBC.

Our trips to the canteen, where i always sucked on grape candy. My lips, teeh and tongue acquired a weird shade of magenta. My teeth looked disgusting, but grape candy is simply marvelous.

Kachoris', apple cakes, samosas' at the mobile canteen. MCC has about 4-5 food joints, providing us with a wide variety to choose from. Most of it is edible though.

The afternoon that S, Sh and me spent talking in front of room 1. One of my most memorable moments. The secret santas' that we played(secret valentine this year), the lunch at Macdonalds, at the food court at Garuda Mall.

Movies were watched. Skipping classes, planning way ahead of time. We were almost thrown out of Symphony. 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' was played, and we created such a racket in the theatre. We always did that whenwe went to Symphony. Again, we viewed MI-3 there, only to make fun of Tom Cruise, and those gadgets which appeared comical.

To be continued....

PS: I don't know how one will take this post, but i felt like posting something on my time spent at MCC. Cheers!


Srik said...

You know something?

This is the first time you are introducing some real characters(Sindhu and Indu) apart from the regular M, B, S, Sh and so on.

mouna said...

if i'm right Indu was mentioned in an article regarding umrao jaan, u left a message, alve?

do u prefer it this way? if 'names' can help us imagine, and make reading interesting.. :D

Raghu said...

*sigh* college life is certainly the best period in one's life. You made me nostalgic. :)

mouna said...

raghu, happy moments which last for a life-time... i've to leave college to sigh.. :D

Shiv said...


Ahhh...wonderful memories..
So if somebody is making too much noise in theaters..may be time to check if it is your gang !

mouna said...

rest assured. and u'll find somebody who likes biscuits! :D