Saturday, April 14, 2007

During childhood, we discover many new words. Everyday. Which at times do not carry any meaning with them(at that point of time). for instance, M and me call our father appaji( one of the means by which a father is addressed). B, my neice also addesses my father in the same manner. Without realising the meaning behind it. Another example, regarding B; my mother is a doDDamma(an elder woman who plays the role of amother), to B's mother R. My mother is known to B as doDDamma. Again, without comprehending the reason behind this.

We are taught so much in our childhood(early childhood, especially). And above all this, we trust those words. Words which are new. Fancied by us, they are incorporated in our daily usage. Those words always find their mark. Later in life, the importance of such seemingly irrelevant incidents strikes us. Communication is one good entity that we are blessed with. It waits for us to appreciate it's greatness.

And the mind of a child which picks up new words, associates a word with a particular object. While a relationship between the two is etched in the mind.

Such is the magnanimity of creation.


Srik said...

Thats soo true.

Even todate, scientists are plunged into this research with no one producing an optimum theory on How a child picks up the language(communication).

To add to your example... My mother would call her father as Bhava(picked up from her uncles who addressed him that way)...
So, he became Bhava to us also, but after much pursuation by Mother, we would address him as Bhava Thatha. It can be attributed to keen observing powers of a child, and to nothing else, I guess.

mouna said...

yes srik, very keen observing powers, they pick up words very quickly. and do we need to talk about the gen-x kids ;)

Raghu said...

True, how a child learns so many words during such a short timespan is mind-boggling and unexplained even to this day.

To give another example, if you observe, children of most of the musicians seem to be talented in music. It is not because of the genes. The reason is that they get a very good grasp of music at a very young age. The brain from the ages 1-5 or 6 is extremely sharp in picking up new sounds, classifying and storing them. No adult, however talented can learn so quickly. So, as they keep listening to music from a very young age, they get a fantastic grasp of the notes.

mouna said...

yes, adults do find it difficult to grasp matters the manner in which a child does. on the other hand, i feel that genes have an important role to play.

when we talk about characters picked up, two things are concerned, the genes and the surroundings.