Friday, April 13, 2007

Somehow i've been feeling terrible from the past few days. Angry, rather, at myself. I always did what i always hated. I really don't what started it off.

I hate judging others'. It makes me feel disgusting. Who am i judge others'? Father always tells me that each one of us is different. To leave things as they are. I was caught up with judging(a lot!!) since a few weeks. And the whole of last week was spent in getting rid of this stupid habit. I tried so much, yet in vain..

Well, it's time, and i really need to get this off me. How wonderful was it when i used to be otherwise! My heart used to be so light, and filled with such joy. The last semester at college used to be so much fun.

Why have i become so critical? Its' time that i shed this pest off my shoulders. I am trying my best!!!!



Anonymous said...

hey all the best is very true...people hav differernt ways of life,and principles...and we are not anybody to them ..and we comment...which is a very bad habit...get rid of it at the earliest...or it may take a better place and will become a part of u...and i think sometimes its the surroundings,the people whom your with ...makes a person get into this dirty habit...

mouna said...

but the surroundings should not matter at all, isn't it? of course, i'm talking about an ideal situation... a very disapprovable one, thanks for your wishes!! how i like the earlier me.... :(

phantomofghazals said...

I really do understand how it feels to strive to get back to the way things were. Trust me, as long as you try to make things exactly the way they were, you won't feel contented. The sooner the acceptance that life is dynamic and things can't go on being the way they were, the better you'll cope up.
Yes, I agree that it is tempting to judge people. As a matter of fact, each one of us does so- just that it's not said aloud and the ones who say that they don't- it's not at a conscious level for them.
Try to focus on other issues (i.e. distract yourself) and you'll get rid of this problem soon. Good luck!!

mouna said...

what u say is true, but 'the earlier me' was not the mouna who critisized like mad.

all of us critize, but initially, i was free from that too... thanks i'm on my way to recovery!! :)

mouna said...
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Shiv said...

Nothing to be angry with yourself..
Inspite of making conscious efforts,sometimes we end up judging others.It is a basic human tendency.

Definitely we can make an effort to reduce the frequency of this..


Sriram said...

Take it easy...and cool down a bit. listen to some good music. and may be stop watching TV :)

That should help!

mouna said...

it's annoying shiv, when i know i shouldn't do it, and i end up doing the same!! :(
thank you!

relaxing with music, that should help, thanks!

anand balaji said...

Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all.

Srik said...

You are growing buddy.
And this tendency is the best indication of a matured mind(?) I know I am sarcastic, but we are all in the same boat.

Everyone wants to be "earlier me"!

oops... I have generalised and judged everyone here...see thats human ;)

mouna said...

i agree, but there are some things which we can correct if we put in a little extra.

can't we do that little extra?

an 'earlier me', it's no use trying to bring back the days gone by, unless it's worth it. i was happy about the non-judging part. i don't think there's anything wrong in it, what say? :)