Thursday, February 22, 2007

Srik has tagged me. Thank you, Srik.

I suppose, i'm to talk about myself. My articles mirror my thoughts. Putting forth something else will be a difficult job. Here we go,

1. Of late, i've started to appreciate everybody around me, without a grimace on my face. Regarding the same, i'm grateful to my family, and my friends around me. Their thoughts, ideas have made me a better person. And for the endless talks that we've had.

2. M(my sister's) marriage left me torn. Those initial days, when i had to provide company to myself, adjust to a new environment, was terrible. At times, i still feel lost, but i'm able to cope with everything(well, almost).

3. One can term me weird. On the other hand, everybody is weird in some sense or the other. Unique in other words. Mother can go on and on about this. She considers me the weirdest person ever.

4. Drawing(and it's other forms) and reading is something that i do without fail. If i'm offered a novel, when there's a week for my exams to begin, i'd prefer the novel to my study material.

5. I like to watch the surroundings in silence. The green plants....the red flowers of the gulmohar... the crescent moon in an ink-blue sky. It makes my heart lighter.

6. B, my neice. I've seen her grow up. The kid to whom i sang lullabys.... whom i've fed... whom i play 'hide-and-seek' with.... I hope that she smiles, forever.

7. I believe in honesty, strong-will and hope.

8. Any amount of gratitude towards various things, people will not be sufficient. I'm really thankful for all that i've been provided with. I just hope that the future holds bright things.

Me and myself!


Nishant Ratnakar said...

Frankly speaking.. From all the blogs I have written and from all the blogs I have read to date, I still haven't been able to figure out the "You have been tagged" funda:-). It remains as a holy grail for me in the blogsphere :-)

Srik said...

I'm really thankful for all that i've been provided with.

Very nice to know. But the competition in the current world needs you to be a gogetter. Im sure that u r.

Thanks for being the first one to take my tag.

mouna said...

me too, i don't understand the 'tagging' game.

my pleasure!!