Sunday, February 18, 2007

Of late, i've started respecting time, for it's benevolence. Time has made me make mistakes, blunders, both big and small. I shall always be grateful for time.

Time provided for oppurtunities where i could make blunders.... thus helping me correct myself... whereby i could speak to the people whom i like.... for amazing friends around me.... for those books which i've read a dozen times..... enabling me to pursue art..... by being there during chemistry exams where i could ponder over a derivation or an equation.....

It goes on.

Everything seems to diffuse into nothingness. Words laden with encouragement, support and hope flow around me. I wish to see light, with the kindness of time providing solace, in helping me realise my aspirations.


Nishant Ratnakar said...

I am so glad to read that there are people who have realised that there is a silver lining in making every mistake. Mistakes and blunders, I must say makes us realise that we have contradicted somewhere. And contradiction is your greatest teacher.

I've contradicted myself a hundred times.


Sandip Debnath said...

I must say it is well written and a deeper thought.. keep them coming.

Shiv said...


Time made you make mistakes..blaming it on time??

But in a way its a different perspective to see doing mistakes as opportunities.Keyword is correcting after each mistaking..which translates to learning & betterment of self.

December Stud said...

Verrryyyy nice.....I have started looking forward to "me and myself"...sweet !!!

mouna said...

contradiction makes one think in two or many aspects. and it does teach one a lot.

thank you!

no, i'm not blaming it on time. correcting mistakes which one has made proves to be quite efficient. the betterment of self is the important thing.

more of my views on things, is it? :)

manu said...

well nicely written stuff. man may conquer and master everything around him, least to say he may never but master time, and the only thing he can do about time is respect it.

Prashanth M said...

I still make mistakes. Learn a lesson or two from that. And next day, there I'm making the same mistake :|

This has happened so many times and life goes on :)

mouna said...

u are right! man may not conquer time.

the same happens with me too. life simply goes on! :)

Srik said...

You are tagged, madame.

Please visit my blog and check out the details.

Anonymous said...

life is a learning process with time...where the negatives are the mistakes we do..and the positives are what we learn from them and the progress we attain..never regret on what has happend...coz theres always a tiny window which tells what ever happened is for good....which will finally show up....

mouna said...

lemme see.. :)

not regretting about the past, i dunno about that, i do that sometimes. but yes, everything happens for our good.