Friday, February 16, 2007

Anybody who has spent some time speaking with me, will realise two things. One, that i can go talking non-stop. Two, that i am loud.

Well, the above two defines me to some extent, but i'm trying to tone down on both. When mother asks me to speak softly at home, i reply back saying that there is nobody else apart from me who can create a racket. A home needs somebody to yell, shout, now and then. To break the flow of silence, which can appear monotonous. And in my house, i perform the job efficiently.

V at college, asked me if i could ever speak softly, she always insists on me doing that. Thus, i have to learn to speak softly, before i leave college. At the least, i have to remember to speak softly when she is around me.

Me, not chitter-chittering away is quite a reality now. At home and at college. Many a time, i maintain silence when required, and still am pulled up for speaking in class!

I guess, my lecturers at college refuse to believe that i speak a tad less in class. On the other hand, i think they prefer me to be so.(It's far-fetched, but it seems likeable!!)


Prashanth M said...

Don't worry, 99% of the ladies talk non-stop and they are loud too. :P

Shiv said...

Whatz there in name ;)

Srik said...

You turned out to be a different person altogether. I attached a silent face to "mouna" creatively!!

Well...I will change it right away.

mouna said...

i'm an exception in the remaining 1% ;)

well, nothing really :) atleast not in my case!

so, do i get another nick-name? ;)

December Stud said...

LOL...welcome to the club...I was voted as the "Chatter Box" of the class in Engineering....

Ahhh...and your apt ;)

mouna said...

well, there are a few chatterboxes in my class, but i own a loud tone. that takes care of the competition i face.

Anonymous said...

so...u enjoy..being loud..praising yourself...well..I do agree there should be some buzzing in the house..come on we have to be quite lets have some buzzing inside....

mouna said...

at home, yes, i am at my best. talking about outdoors, the places that seem familiar to me sees me yelling.... all the same.