Monday, February 12, 2007

Things are to take place, in my life. Concerning me and my further studies. Other big decisions have to be taken, of course. I'm speaking of the situation, till now. Everybody at home are tensed. M too. Why are my folks so worked up? Seeing the lines of anxiousness on their face, i'm wired too. Obviously with a-kind-of-charged-environment at home. M calls, puts new thoughts into father's head(which seem pretty weird to me). Thankfully i'm not impressed with her ideas. Otherwise i too would have gone bonkers, by now.

Father gets ideas(they do make sense) in the middle of the night, just when i'm getting to bed. We discuss, mother chipping in, with her view point. I'll think about it, make myself clear, say 'ahem' and go to sleep. At college, friends and i, again talk about the same thing. One positive aspect is that, we talk in a meandering fashion, and end up somewhere. This 'somewhere', does provide some relief to me.

I do not get anxious prior to almost any kind of situation. And i don't fancy seeing my folks worried. One simply loses the peace of mind, loses sleep, and what not. Convincing them that my future will good(especially to mother), telling them about my plans(a dozen times till now) consumes time.

Money-wise, mother is fidgetty. Well, since it shows on her face, father is also nervous. Pure science does not offer much. It applies to me all the more as i'm a biology student. Mother is already talking my earnings, if i'll be able to live a comfortable life.....

Thinking in retrospect, it's natural for them to be excited. Afterall, they are my parents, and mother moreso, as she is my mother.

I was unsure of things before. Now, that i've streamlined my thoughts limiting myself to particular subjects, i feel much better.

How i wish i proceed with a calm frame of mind! I just hope that, what i aspire for, turns out to be true. Till now, things have been happening, which are to my satisfaction. I think the same will, no, should continue(thus, i support, encourage myself)!



Anonymous said...

so working on your plans for further studies in advance is a very good preparation...coz many wouldn't know or plan what to continue with ...and have later realised their mistake...parents worrying is obvious and natural as they would want their child to be happy and in a good cannot tell its wrong about their thinkings..

...its a good sign as you have chosen your it that you dont like ppl giving ideas to M...yeah its not nice to see family all worked up and worried...but not liking somebody care about you...well i would always want to be cared...all the best for your future....and cheers for another art work its lovely ....

mouna said...

ya, it's natural for parents to get worried, but a frenzied, atmosphere is a no-no.

it's not that i don't like other people giving me advice. but i'd rather say that they start talking after me talking to them. most of the times, they talk about subjects which do not interest me, it is only later when i'm allowed to make my point. this kind-of discussion does not get anywhere. i ob, would want people to care for me, thankfully, i've such people around me. :)

thanks, just hope everything turns out favourably. ya, i, myself liked this one. :)

Veena said...

Just came in thru DS's website. I didn't understand head or tail of this article at my first read!
Could make out that you are going on some further studies.

Accept my congratulations for being a biology student, atleast one person I know thinks better than all of us!

Take Care,

manu said...

To tell you the truth from a perspective of a researcher, Pursuing pure science may not be econimical, but surely its rewarding in term of intellectual satisfaction and freedom to implement our own ideas.

Shiv said...

These times are really testing times.Its natural that parents gets worked-out.Sell them your idea & show a road-map of what you want to do..convince them..

All the best !
Take care

mouna said...

am i incoherent?

and why do u say that? :)

u said it right! if u don't mind me asking you this: where and in which field do u work?

convincing them! i hope i succeed in doing this.

December Stud said...

I wish you all the very best. I am sure you have a solid plan.

Well, what's an intelligent girl got to lose anyway ? Nothing, really.....So, you will do well, whtever that may be.

Srik said...

All the best for your next step SK.

People usuay think that theres only one way in life sciences. But the opportunities are huge in the same field, I guess.
Since you're in a completely different stream, I just hope you know what suits best to you and choose it. Dont budge to anyone's suggestion, be it "M" who calls or "S" at college.
U know what is right for you ALWA? If you're in a dilema, listen to "Father".

My hearty wishes to you.

mouna said...

honestly, the amount of confidence in your words puts me on unsteady ground. thanks.

thanks. apparently, the oppurtunities found in life sciences is less. in future, i wish i don't regret the decisions taken now.